Toronto vs. Montreal

Two of the biggest cities in Canada, how could you possibly decide which is a better place for you to move to? Although each city offers endless amusement options and great city life, they differ in many ways. Toronto and Montreal cater to specific audiences based on what they offer.

If you are having a hard time deciding between Toronto or Montreal to live in, take a look at everything we have outlined for you here. You can see the pros and cons of each, outlining the price, property size, entertainment, and much more of each.

Compare and contrast until you find the right place for you. Here are the arguments for and against each city to help make your decision easier.


The housing markets in Toronto and Montreal differ pretty significantly. Some speculate that you pay for the area, but you can decide on that one.

The average Toronto house is currently selling for around $766,000, while Montreal houses are priced at approximately $350,000. The differences in population may make this discrepancy a little clearer. Where Toronto sits at around 3 million inhabitants, Montreal is only housing about 1.7 million right now. Toronto is much more popular and is facing a booming market, which explains the high prices. These are homes where you pay for a premium location.

If the price is worth the area you live in, you may prefer spending a little more to get into a space you love. If you choose to spend on a bit of a larger home in a different type of city, Montreal may be for you. Montreal homes are more spread out and also more widely available. When you are bidding against other people, the prices of the homes you pay tend to be better.

The size of the homes and apartments also significantly differ by area. Most people living in downtown Toronto live in less than 1,000 square feet. As you move outwards, the house sizes tend to increase. Montreal is similar to this, with some areas ranging above 1,000 square feet and others being slightly below.


Both Toronto and Montreal are cities full of life. Both cities cater to different audiences and create different environments.

Toronto is a busy scene with people around every corner. Whether you’re looking for a park to have a picnic in, a bar to catch up with friends, or an arena to watch a basketball game, the city has it all. Toronto amenities are geared towards a younger age group, tending to give a more touristy feel, busy and loud streets. Many people love this feeling.

Toronto allows you to visit Blue Jays Stadium or the Rogers Centre for a live game. Other options are staying at the lakeshore to see the city skyline or visiting one of the many restaurants within the city.

Montreal offers different types of entertainment. Montreal is filled with culture and history for the inhabitants to explore. Giving a more mature feel, the area tends to target individuals who enjoy a more historical sense. Montreal tends to host more markets and festivals that fill the streets with willing participants.

While in Montreal, you can visit one of the many natural parks or historic churches. A different type of entertainment than Toronto, some individuals lean towards these mellow options.

Career Opportunities

When it comes to job opportunities, it is hard to top these cities.

Toronto is known as the place to be when you’re searching for a career. Whether you’re looking to start your own company, join a new start-up in a booming industry, or finding a part-time job to get you through the year, the options are plentiful. Toronto’s work-centred way of life caters to young professionals who have worked hard to reach their job status.

Adding to this is the excellent transit system running throughout the core streets. Commuters coming into the city have an easy means of getting to the office. If you live slightly outside the city, the transit system gives you an easy ride.

Toronto is also a finance hub, hosting its own stock exchange. The Bay Street financial district may be hard to surpass if you’re looking for a job in finance.

Montreal is home to a slightly more laid-back lifestyle that is less centred around career goals. Montreal has a strong service sector and many jobs to offer its citizens in tech and fintech firms. Some of the city’s top employers include Bell Canada, Pfizer, and the National Bank of Canada.

Environment and Extras

When it comes to the feel of the city, you might decide which is more fit for you after visiting. Toronto is a busy feel filled with young professionals. Montreal is a French-speaking laid back area with European architecture. If you are not a French speaker, you may find it challenging to navigate this city that relies on its French heritage.

Transportation is another crucial aspect when you compare which city to live in. Although the Toronto transportation services were mentioned before, Montreal also has a service available to inhabitants. With fewer people to carry around, the Montreal public transport services do not run as frequently as the Toronto services. Toronto also has more options, including their light rail, subway, buses, and trains. Montreal makes use of s subway system, trains, and buses.

When it comes to affordability, Montreal also tops Toronto. Toronto is known for being an expensive city for rent, food, and pretty much everything else. The costs in Montreal are much lower.


Toronto, Ontario is home to high rises and bright lights at all times of the day. An exciting atmosphere with a breathtaking skyline. Montreal, Québec is a more mature area with historic buildings and less busy streets.

Before making your decision about what city takes the top place, make sure to compare these factors and take an all-inclusive look.

Which city is better for you? The choice is yours.