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Photo Essay: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Northeastern Alaska

 •  May 31

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska is the largest protected wilderness in North America with over 18 million acres....

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The Ethics of Feeding a Photographer

 •  January 22

My friend, who was a director of a library board, asked me to make a portrait that indicated that office. It was far more efficient to do this in...

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The Ethics of Baiting Wildlife

 •  January 15

Wildlife photography takes incredible patience and a very refined and specific skill set. While I do not consider myself a wildlife photographer, I...

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Photo Essay: Day of the Owl

 •  April 1

by Martin Gregus Jr. © Martin Gregus Jr. The snowy owl migration is a spectacle rarely seen along the West Coast of British Columbia...

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Is it ethical to photograph captive animals?

 •  March 2

I would love to go to Africa, the Galapagos or the Arctic to photograph animals but since that's not possible for me, I do so at zoos, the African...

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