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Gitzo’s New Quick-Release System

 •  January 24

Gitzo's New Quick-Release System Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Gitzo products, announces a new quick-release system...

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Gitzo Redesigns Its Tripod Bags

 •  January 21

Gitzo has redesigned its tripod bags. Press release from Gentec International Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of...

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What tripod should I buy for shooting video with a DSLR camera?

 •  September 2

What kind of a tripod do I need when shooting video clips? I really want to take good Full HD movies with my new Nikon D3200, and I really should...

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How can I get effective action photos at a long shutter speed?

 •  August 16

Recently, I saw some really cool sports photos made with the pan/blur technique, using a shutter speed of 1/15 sec. I tried it myself, but in my...

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Which tripod fits into luggage and provides great weight capacity?

 •  June 28

Some time ago you answered a question about selecting tripods (Which type of tripod should I buy?) and I bought one then, but it's too big to fit...

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New PIXI Mini Tripod and Top Lock Quick-Release System from Manfrotto

 •  June 27

Gentec International has announced two new products: the PIXI Mini Tripod and the Top Lock Quick-Release System. (more…)

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Manfrotto’s Ultra-Compact 290-Series Three-Way Tripod Head

 •  April 16

Manfrotto’s new 290-series three-way tripod head Gentec International has announced Manfrotto’s new 290-series three-way tripod head, part of...

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Velbon Appoints Nadel as Exclusive Canadian Distributor

 •  December 14

Nadel Enterprises Inc., Canadian distributor of digital and traditional imaging hardware and accessory products, has announced their appointment by...

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Joby GorillaPod Ballhead & Flash Clip

 •  March 2

I have been fascinated with Joby GorillaPod tripods for a long time. Who wouldn’t be? They are fun to play with and are cleverly designed to give...

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Which type of tripod should I buy?

 •  June 2

I just replaced an old tripod and bought a new Induro CT114 tripod. I'm using the old head for now but I should get a new one. Which type should I...

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