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5 Interesting Reads

 •  August 12

The photographer whose gear was stolen in Rio found someone posing to be him in his vest at the games! Check out this article on photography...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  March 14

Canadian photographer Stan Douglas has won the  2016 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography. This prize-winning play...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  May 29

Danish photographer Simon Høgsberg has taken 97,000 images outside a grocery store in Copenhagen, and they reveal a fascinating unaware...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  May 11

Here's more on the debate over perrmits required for shooting in parks...and how pro-gear can trigger inquiries, even if you are not shooting...

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Cactus V6: Erratum

 •  November 3

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. In the Gadget Guide of the October/November 2014 issue of Photo Life, I wrote that the Cactus V6 sends TTL...

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How to Optimize Your Studio

 •  July 27

A photo studio is a controlled environment where each and every variable can be adjusted: the elements in the background, the position of the...

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The Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger Kit V4

 •  April 1

When I am shooting with a sync cable I feel like a dog on a short leash. This is why I highly recommend a wireless triggering system. I found an...

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Aurora Firefly Beauty Box

 •  March 2

I have been experimenting more with small off-camera flashes, and because of this I am excited about the Aurora Firefly Beauty Box. It is a new light...

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Tether Table Aero aids tethered shooting

 •  August 11

If you shoot tethered, you know it can be a challenge to find a suitable support for your laptop computer. Tether Tools offers to change that with...

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