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Test Review: Samsung NX500

 •  May 22

The Samsung NX500 combines the performance of the NX1 with a very compact design. The newest CSC of the NX series offers an image resolution of 28...

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Samsung Releases Source Code for NX2000 and NX300

 •  May 23

Samsung has released the source code for the NX2000 and NX300 mirrorless cameras. They are the first major manufacturer to release their source code...

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Can you recommend a computer monitor that’s ideal for digital imaging?

 •  May 15

Now that I'm getting more serious about digital photography, I've ordered a fast computer with 12 GB of RAM, and I'll need a monitor that's ideal for...

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TIPA Camera Tests: June

 •  June 23

Our TIPA colleagues at BetterNet in Germany have completed three extensive camera tests this month — the Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS; the Fujifilm...

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Samsung NX Lens 2011 Roadmap

 •  March 3

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced five new lenses for its NX branded Compact System Camera line. These include 18-200 mm f/3.5-6.3 and...

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Samsung Adds Five Budget Cameras

 •  January 25

Choice in the sub-$250 range is about to get a little better. Samsung has announced five new camera models, with suggested prices ranging from $100...

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Samsung’s SH100 does Wi-Fi

 •  January 4

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.’s SH100 lets you to upload images to your computer, Galaxy smartphone or the Internet via Wi-Fi. (more…)

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Samsung Unveils NX11, i-Function Lenses

 •  December 29

Samsung’s NX11 is a follow-up to the company’s first Compact System Camera entry, the NX10. Among the enhancements is compatibility with Samsung...

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Music Video Made With Samsung NX100

 •  November 9

You’ve seen the “this ad was shot entirely with a (fill-in-the-blank) digital camera” ads, right? Samsung Electronics Co. is raising the stakes...

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Samsung’s New Slant on Camcorders

 •  September 7

Ever had a case of camcorder wrist or elbow from having to hold your arm at an odd angle? Samsung’s HMX-T10, with a lens that’s angled 20...

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