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5 Interesting Reads

 •  September 30

500px is adding features and tools, including letting users edit their Raw photos through the app. (And here's a review.) "What we see when we...

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Shouldn’t all cameras provide a TIFF capture-mode option?

 •  April 28

A friend owns the Nikon D810, and he told me that it has a special feature: a TIFF capture mode. This sounds ideal, since JPEGs do not provide ideal...

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How can I avoid too-bright windows in indoor photos?

 •  April 21

Q&A: I am shooting interior photos of our cathedral, and sometimes, the interior is quite dark but the stained glass windows are extremely bright....

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What is the value of the Raw+JPEG combination?

 •  March 11

My DSLR allows me to shoot in Raw or JPEG format, but it also offers a Raw+JPEG combination. I have been using only the Raw option; why would someone...

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How Can I Work With My New Nikon’s RAW Files Without Upgrading Software?

 •  August 14

I just bought the new Nikon D750 and found that my Photoshop and Lightroom version can't open the RAW files. I don't really want to spend money to...

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How can I process new RAW photos with older Adobe software?

 •  May 15

I recently bought a Nikon D5500, and Photoshop 3 cannot open its NEF (RAW) photos. Is Adobe is no longer updating Photoshop 3? If so, what can I do...

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No Raw Deal for Me: Confessions of a JPEG Shooter

 •  April 16

© Claudio Bacinello Guest post by Claudio Bacinello Original version here. I picture it like this. I step up to the podium, clear my throat...

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Is it true that you need to shoot Raw photos for the best quality?

 •  September 30

Is it true that you need to shoot Raw photos for the best quality? Now that I own a 13  x19-inch printer I want to be able to make excellent large...

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What camera features are necessary for Raw photos?

 •  December 1

"My Nikon D90 has numerous features for modifying the colour saturation, contrast, sharpness, D-Lighting, Noise Reduction, etc. of images that I will...

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