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Let Us Know What You Think!

 •  January 26

We've gotten a lot of responses to our survey, but we want to give all of you a chance to have your say, so you have until February 7 to complete and...

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New Poll: Street Photography

 •  January 30

Results from the poll in the October/November 2013 issue. Above are the poll results published in the October/November magazine. Now we’d like...

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The World We Live In: Have you entered yet?

 •  October 29

There's less than a month left to enter our annual photo contest The World We Live In. We are looking forward to seeing your images! And we also know...

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So how many photos do you take?

 •  September 3

Results from the poll in the June/July issue Do you take photos non-stop or are you more restrained in how often you choose to snap an image?...

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What’s Your Take on Photo Clubs?

 •  July 18

Here are the results of the poll published in the April/May magazine. There's a new poll question up, so head over (to the right of this page) to...

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What Do You Think?

 •  June 1

Here's the results of the poll published in the February/March magazine. We've put up a new poll question, so if you'd like to vote, it's just ...

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