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G’ddy Up! and Sunscreen

 •  July 16

© Dianne Bos / Alberta 1, 2012 / C-Print / 30 x 30 in. Through August 24, Newzones in Calgary is presenting their annual group exhibition, G'ddy...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  May 14

Photographer Jaime Moore had an excellent, non-princess-y photo shoot idea for her young daughter. Did you know you can use a Raspberry Pi to do...

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Pinhole Photography for Your DSLR

 •  April 2

I have often heard people say that digital photography does not have the magic that film once did. In some ways I would have to agree. However, I...

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The Pinhole Obscura Adapter

 •  December 1

Pinhole caps are a great way to explore light while creating unique photos without the use of a lens. Lately I have found that I sometimes feel like...

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Beautiful Pinhole Cameras

 •  August 23

Erin Paysse created engrained in 2009 in Seattle with the goal of creating beautiful, unique objects. She builds beautiful pinhole cameras. See here...

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