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Can you enhance JPEG photos in Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw?

 •  August 1

A friend mentioned that Photoshop allows for enhancing JPEGs in Adobe Camera Raw but how do you do that? And why would I want to use a Raw-converter...

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Snap Art 3: Artistic Natural Media Plug-In for Photoshop

 •  July 20

Alien Skin Software announces the availability of Snap Art® 3, the new version of its artistic natural media plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®,...

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Apps for Photoshop

 •  May 10

Adobe has introduced a trio of iPad apps that work with Photoshop — Eazel, Color Lava and Nav. The catch — you need the latest version of PS5...

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Photoshop CS5.5 Available as Subscription

 •  April 15

Adobe has announced a mid-cycle upgrade to Creative Suite 5, adding a “point-5” to the name and also making the suite, or its components...

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The 2011 Photo Life Buyers’ Guide

 •  November 27

Every December, Photo Life comes out with the long anticipated Buyers' Guide: Gear for the Canadian Photographer. The annual review features the...

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What is the best method for upsizing an image?

 •  September 1

My D-SLR camera only provides 10-megapixel resolution and sometimes I want to make 13 x 19" prints with my Epson Stylus R1900. That requires upsizing...

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