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In the North, Freelancin’ Ain’t Easy

 •  September 8

Yellowknife-based photographer Pat Kane's piece on the challenges of being a freelance photographer brought up some good points, so we asked for and...

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5 Interesting Reads

 •  August 8

These photos of steam locomotives are gorgeous. National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson talks about what he thinks of...

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Going Indie – Getting Seen

 •  June 25

If you are offering a service that provides the perception of perceived value, you simply can’t afford to have a maze of network strategies and...

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Going Indie – Metadata and Keywords

 •  June 18

The computer will only do exactly as instructed. As the interface between you and your client it is crucial your instructions be accurate, correct,...

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Going Indie – Building It Right

 •  June 11

Alright – let’s take the plunge! You have done your homework. You have commissioned a critical analysis of your capacity and capability with...

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Going Indie – Establishing Your Base

 •  June 4

  Before you can successfully deliver your work, you first must decide how best to present that offering. Make no mistake, this is one big jump...

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Micro-Managing Your Stock Portfolio, Part VI

 •  May 28

The successful stock photographers know the key to success is generating working images that will be licensed time and again, with a total disregard...

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