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Pentax-08 Wide Zoom

 •  November 8

Ricoh Imaging Canada Press Release Pentax-08 Wide Zoom Mississauga, ON – November 6, 2013 Ricoh Imaging Canada Inc. has announced the...

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Ricoh Imaging Announces Pentax K-3 and New Lens

 •  October 9

Ricoh Imaging press release RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. has announced the introduction of the PENTAX K-3 digital SLR camera. Developed to be the...

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Pentax Ricoh Imaging is Changing Its Name to Ricoh Imaging

 •  July 3

Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company was formed in 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd. to provide more consumer-oriented offerings to the...

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New Pentax Products Announced

 •  June 14

Pentax K-500 PENTAX RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. has announced the following new products: the PENTAX K-50 and PENTAX K-500 Digital SLR cameras, the...

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Pentax Ricoh Imaging Canada announces the GR compact digital camera

 •  April 17

Mississauga, ON – April 17, 2013 PENTAX RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. is pleased to announce the introduction of the GR compact digital camera....

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Pentax Image Sensor Cleaning Kit

 •  September 4

Before and after any photo shoot, I try my best to remember to check my sensor for particles. I typically take an image of something like a white...

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TIPA Camera Tests: June

 •  June 23

Our TIPA colleagues at BetterNet in Germany have completed three extensive camera tests this month — the Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS; the Fujifilm...

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Pentax Rolls Out Rugged Optio WG-1, WG-1 GPS

 •  February 16

Pentax Canada says the Optio WG-1 and Optio WG-1 GPS represent the company’s 12th generation of waterproof digital cameras. These are 14 megapixel...

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How effective is an image stabilizer?

 •  December 1

"Is a tripod really necessary for a 70-200 mm zoom lens? One friend says yes and another claims that an image stabilizer makes a tripod unnecessary....

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Pentax 645D Coming!

 •  October 7

Initially for the Japanese market only, the 40 megapixel medium format Pentax 645D will be available here in November, according to Pentax Canada....

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