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Joe McNally and the NYC Marriage Bureau

 •  July 8

This Nikon video shows what happened when Joe McNally and the Nikon Wedding Truck Studio set up across the street from the New York City Marriage...

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How can I process new RAW photos with older Adobe software?

 •  May 15

I recently bought a Nikon D5500, and Photoshop 3 cannot open its NEF (RAW) photos. Is Adobe is no longer updating Photoshop 3? If so, what can I do...

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Test Review: The Nikon D5500

 •  March 24

The Nikon D5500 is a compact DSLR system with an APS-C-sized sensor and 24-MP resolution. It features a new and very fast AF system and some enhanced...

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Is the Nikon D810A suitable only for astrophotography?

 •  March 16

Nikon's website says that the D810A is not recommended for general photography because the images will have a reddish tint, but would that be easy to...

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Do you recommend a close-up filter accessory for macro photography?

 •  January 30

I cannot afford to buy a macro lens right now, but in a book on close-up photography I read that a supplementary close-up filter, such as the Canon...

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Test Review: The Nikon D810

 •  December 2

The Nikon D810 is a full-frame SLR system with an image resolution of more than 36 MP. The camera uses a sensor without a low-pass filter, offers a...

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Using Speedlights for Outdoor Portraits

 •  November 25

This video by Nikon shows how to have studio-like control outdoors by using speedlights.

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Should I buy an older used DSLR at a bargain price or a more expensive brand-new model?

 •  October 31

Many photo enthusiasts are attracted by great prices on gently used DSLRs and that's understandable especially when it's a semi-pro camera like the...

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The New Nikon D750, SB-500 Speedlight and AF-S NIKKOR 20 mm f/1.8G ED Wide-Angle Lens

 •  September 12

Nikon Canada has announced the D750, the HD-SLR that provides adept enthusiasts with the powerful combination of pro-calibre photo and video features...

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How can I get better flash exposures?

 •  September 1

I'm not always getting good flash exposures with my Nikon D5100 and SB-800 Speedlight. Sometimes the photos are too bright, and, in other cases, they...

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