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Can I use low-tech lenses on a high-tech camera?

 •  November 1

I saw an ad on the Internet for an adapter that is said to allow you to use any old lens on any high tech digital SLR camera and any new lens on an...

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Close Focus Nikkor 40mm f/2.8

 •  July 12

Nikon has introduced a DX Micro Nikkor that will focus to 16.3 cm (6.4 inches). Designated the AF-S DX Micro Nikkor 40 mm f/2.8G, the lens weighs a...

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Fast 50, Micro Four Thirds Style

 •  June 17

Some Micro Four Thirds enthusiasts have been praying for a lens like this, and Panasonic has delivered. The Leica DG Summilux 25mm / F1.4 ASPH is to...

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Is a 50-mm f/1.4 lens better than a 50-mm f/1.8 lens?

 •  March 2

I have two zooms with a maximum aperture of f/4.5-5.6 so I'm planning to buy a "fast" 50-mm lens for low light photography without a tripod. What is...

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Should I buy a D SLR with the kit lens?

 •  February 1

"I’ll be getting my first digital SLR soon, maybe the EOS T1i, but I’m not sure yet. I was wondering if I should buy it with the 18-55 mm kit...

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The 2011 Photo Life Buyers’ Guide

 •  November 27

Every December, Photo Life comes out with the long anticipated Buyers' Guide: Gear for the Canadian Photographer. The annual review features the...

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Lensbaby adds Scout with Fisheye

 •  October 13

Lensbaby has introduced a new optics holder called the Scout, which comes with a fisheye lens. Unlike other Lensbaby holders, the Scout cannot be...

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Lensbaby CSC-to-Nikkor Adapter Tilts

 •  September 29

Lensbaby's Tilt Transformer is a MFT/NEX-to-Nikkor adapter you can tilt for dramatic selective focus effects.

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Compact Tele-zooms from Olympus

 •  September 1

Micro FourThirds continues to demonstrate its advantages in compact design. Witness Olympus’s latest telephoto zooms: the M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300...

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3D Lens for LUMIX G

 •  August 4

Panasonic announces Lumix G interchangeable lens capable of 3D image capture.

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