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Imaging Products Review: Additional Products

 •  March 27

[Ed. Note: Peter Burian’s “Imaging Products Review” in the current April/May Photo Life presents a selection of new products revealed at the...

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What add-on GPS unit do you recommend for DSLRs?

 •  July 4

You recently discussed point-and-shoot cameras with a built-in GPS receiver but I use a digital SLR. What add-on GPS unit do you recommend for such...

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Which camera has a really reliable GPS?

 •  May 2

Since I'll be traveling extensively in Europe this summer, I want a new camera with a built-in GPS that will record the location for every photo that...

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How do GPS devices for digital cameras work?

 •  October 1

I noticed that an increasing number of cameras include a built-in GPS device. How do these work and how effective and how complicated are they? Also,...

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