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PhotoRepublik 4X4 Filter Holder Kit

 •  March 23

When shooting landscapes, a drop-in filter set is always in my bag. The PhotoRepublik 4X4 Filter Kit takes the frustration out of putting a kit...

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ExpoDisc 2.0

 •  October 28

It’s easy for photographers to focus on the benefits that modern digital cameras give us. We're excited by dynamic range and shallow depth of...

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Marumi Introduces Two New Lens Filters: EXUS Lens Protect and EXUS Circular Polarizer

 •  August 27

The new Marumi Exus filters Building on the success of the present DHG and Super DHG filter products, the Marumi EXUS product is now available in...

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What do I need to do to get a good exposure when using a polarizer?

 •  September 4

I recently bought my first DSLR, a Sony a57, and some accessories, including a polarizing filter. While doing some research about this filter on the...

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