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Suggested Reading for Photography Buffs #4

 •  September 18

Are you looking for some photography-themed books for your winter reading? Here are some options that include street photography, found images,...

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Our February/March issue!

 •  January 26

You won't want to miss the February/March issue! This issue marks the debut of ​Photo Life​'s new look! To align with our dreams and vision for...

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Spectra LED Light Panel Review

 •  August 13

Since the roll-out of the Spectra LED light panels, I had been looking forward to test driving these small and portable continuous lights in my...

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What If… Dale’s Take on the Post-production Faceoff

 •  July 30

In our August/September issue, Guy Langevin's Close-up article on page 66 shared the story of a post-production experiment he did with fellow Photo...

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Full Circle

 •  July 23

Despite being nearly 20 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Dec 14, 1994, and a personal matter had directed me to Edmonton,...

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Going Indie – The Final Analysis

 •  July 16

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to earn a living and support my family as a full-time stock photographer for about 20...

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A Public Service Advisory

 •  July 9

A volunteer search-and-rescue member scans the surface for a drowning victim at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. July 5, 2014 Weather Warning: Wind...

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Happy Canada Day

 •  July 2

According to Statistics Canada, data collected in 2011 revealed more than 200 ethnic origins had established in Canada. Just over 10,563,800 people...

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Going Indie – Getting Seen

 •  June 25

If you are offering a service that provides the perception of perceived value, you simply can’t afford to have a maze of network strategies and...

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Going Indie – Metadata and Keywords

 •  June 18

The computer will only do exactly as instructed. As the interface between you and your client it is crucial your instructions be accurate, correct,...

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