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Flash Forward Emerging Photographers Competition

 •  January 3

The Magenta Foundation is accepting submissions for the Flash Forward 2019 competition for emerging photographers though January 15. This year, the...

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CAPA Receives a Gold Medal

 •  October 11

The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) has stretched its winning streak to four years by collecting the 2018 Four Nations Inter Society...

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2017 Canada National Award Winners Revealed

 •  March 28

The winners of the Canada National Awards have been announced. This competition recognizes the best single images from each country in the Sony World...

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Happy Canada Day

 •  July 2

According to Statistics Canada, data collected in 2011 revealed more than 200 ethnic origins had established in Canada. Just over 10,563,800 people...

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Canadians Featured on The Weekly Flickr

 •  November 14

Flickr has featured some Canadian photographers on their video blog series The Weekly Flickr. Check out the links below to learn about the...

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Marumi Introduces Two New Lens Filters: EXUS Lens Protect and EXUS Circular Polarizer

 •  August 27

The new Marumi Exus filters Building on the success of the present DHG and Super DHG filter products, the Marumi EXUS product is now available in...

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Chris Hadfield’s Snapshots from Space

 •  April 26

Throughout his ISS mission, CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been taking some of the most incredible photos of Earth ever seen. In this video, the...

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R.I.P. Canadian documentary photographer George Hunter

 •  April 16

(source: George Hunter, the iconic Canadian scenic photographer whose career spanned nearly eight decades, died Wednesday at Credit...

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Photo leaves Trudeau in tears

 •  February 15

© JEROME LESSARD QMI Agency (source: Toronto Sun) Like a photograph, the tears streaming down Justin Trudeau's face were worth a thousand...

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