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How can I avoid too-bright windows in indoor photos?

 •  April 21

Q&A: I am shooting interior photos of our cathedral, and sometimes, the interior is quite dark but the stained glass windows are extremely bright....

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How do I make panoramic photos with a conventional DSLR?

 •  December 17

I am seeing more and more panoramic photos that show a long, wide area of a scene. I know that some cameras include an automatic Panorama mode, but...

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Will it be difficult to move my photos to the newer Lightroom CC ?

 •  May 28

My current imaging software is Lightroom 5, but Adobe offers the newer Lightroom CC on its Creative Cloud. If I switch to that, will it be difficult...

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How can I process new RAW photos with older Adobe software?

 •  May 15

I recently bought a Nikon D5500, and Photoshop 3 cannot open its NEF (RAW) photos. Is Adobe is no longer updating Photoshop 3? If so, what can I do...

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What is the benefit of the Vibrance tool in Adobe software?

 •  November 28

I just bought Adobe Lightroom and noticed that there's a feature called Vibrance. Apparently this is like the Saturation tool but differs in some...

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New Creative Cloud Updates and Mobile Apps

 •  October 6

At Adobe MAX 2014, the world’s leading creativity conference, Adobe has announced it is shipping a milestone release of Creative Cloud that...

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Adobe Creative Cloud

 •  June 18

Adobe made announcements today about the new redesign of the Creative Cloud desktop applications, new mobile apps, a new photography plan, and...

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Is Adobe overcharging for Photoshop Creative Cloud?

 •  June 17

I read that Photoshop CS6 will no longer be sold as a program and that you'll need to pay $50 per month to use the new Photoshop CC on the Adobe...

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DxO ViewPoint v1.2 optimizes the workflow for photographers

 •  May 3

DxO Labs announced the immediate availability of DxO ViewPoint v1.2, the new version of its software dedicated to correcting distortions caused...

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Lightroom 4 Arrives

 •  March 6

Adobe has introduced Lightroom 4. The product went through a public beta phase starting in January, which gave everyone an opportunity to sample the...

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