Contributors & Editorial Staff

Laurence Butet-Roch

Laurence Butet-Roch fell in love with journalism through Scoop, a Quebec sitcom set inside a newsroom. Studying international relations at the University of British Columbia and photography at the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa led her to become a photographer with the Boreal Collective, a photo editor and a writer.

David duChemin

David duChemin is a Vancouver-based photographer and adventurer. His bestselling books on the art of photography have been translated into a dozen languages.

Véronica Gill

Véronica Gill is a freelance journalist from Montreal with writing interests as varied as the outdoors, sports, yoga, green subjects (food, tourism, buildings), and, of course, photography.

David Giral

Originally from France, David Giral has lived in Montreal since 1997. He works mostly in Montreal and Toronto, specializing in travel, lifestyle, architectural and interior photography.

Patrice Halley

Patrice Halley has been shooting for magazines worldwide for more than 25 years. After moving to B.C. seven years ago, he started to pursue adventure photography. He now lives in Montreal.

Jean-François Landry

Jean-François Landry has been providing advice to photographic equipment buyers in Quebec City since 1989. He also shares his passion with amateur photographers through courses and magazine articles.

Guy Langevin

Guy Langevin has worked as a graphic designer in the photo industry for many years. You don’t collaborate with and befriend some of the best photographers in the country without learning a few tricks of the trade, so he became a photographic designer.

Jenny Montgomery

Jenny Montgomery is a theatre director and writer who first learned her way around a darkroom in 1998. Photography runs in her family, so it was probably inevitable that it would be a part of her life.

Valérie Racine

Valérie Racine began working for Apex Publications in 2001. She currently serves as Editorial Director for both Photo Life and Photo Solution magazines. Her background includes studies in art, art history and communications, and she is passionate about photography.

Nick Treahearne

Based in Prince George, B.C., Nick Trehearne dedicates his life to photography and the outdoors. He is constantly trying to produce imagery that will not only make his clients happy, but also push him further as a photographer.

Dale Wilson

Dale Wilson is a freelance photographer based in Nova Scotia and long-time Photo Life contributor. His practice concentrates on commercial work, and creating images for several stock agencies.