Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto

The busiest city in Canada, Toronto is thriving with life. The capital of Ontario, this city is known for many reasons and offers something for every unique individual. Welcome to the 6ix.

Toronto has a population of 6.2 million people. This eye-catching city sits on the water’s edge, giving a clear, gorgeous view at all times of the day. The city is filled with entertainment options, job opportunities, and places to explore for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of your curiosities, the city will have something to offer.

Pre-construction condos in Toronto are taking off, with new builds happening every day. Condos all across the city offer a new way to enjoy life in a place worth living.

Here’s what awaits you in the innovative Toronto.

These are some of Toronto’s most loved neighbourhoods, each unique in its own way.

The Harbourfront

The Toronto Harbourfront is one of the most popular neighbourhoods for many reasons. Only a ten-minute walk away from the heart of downtown, there are many ways to enjoy this area.

With a view of the lake and waterfront paths, you can enjoy the nice summer weather outdoors. Also, close to stadiums, Union Station, and many restaurants, the Harbourfront neighbourhood can be enjoyed by everyone. Easily the best view in the city, this neighbourhood is clearly sought after for all the right reasons.

Liberty Village

Liberty Village is another popular area full of young, hard-working professionals. The area is full of fun bars and restaurants to give it a friendly atmosphere.

It is also built with striking architecture, maintain a pleasing aesthetic. Not far from other neighbourhoods, you can take a quick walk down to the water or to central Toronto.

Kensington Market

This area of Toronto is a unique neighbourhood filled with memorable excursions and personalities. Small grocery stores filled with low prices cover the streets along with fresh markets, small cafes, and even shops of all sorts.

Not center to downtown, Kensington is far enough to enjoy the quiet while still being close enough to take a trip to the busier areas whenever you’d like.

Queen St. West

This bougie neighbourhood, known as Queen Street West, is for those who can’t keep away from the shops. Full of small boutiques, famous bars, and great food places, many people love this area to enjoy a night out or just to feel all the character.

Queen Street West is also a busy area loved by citizens who live there. Condos offer a lot of excitement right out front and enjoy a great view.


Yorkville features excellent spots for newly built condos all across the area. This small sector is filled with job and entertainment opportunities, especially for those who love high fashion. Known as an upper-end neighbourhood, Yorkville loves its rich taste.

Right in the heart of downtown, nothing is a far walk away. You can enjoy the neighbourhood for everything it has to offer, as well as easy accessibility to other communities close by.

Average Prices of Houses in Toronto 

The average price of houses and condos in Toronto tends to differ by neighbourhood.

As of today, the average condo price in Toronto is around $650,000. This includes all areas, and new pre-construction condos in Toronto are around the same. Standalone homes, on the other hand, are priced around $1.3 million.

Much of these prices have to do with the amenities and extras nearby. Commutes are easy, the location is central, and everything – schools, restaurants, and shops – are all within your community.

Transportation in Toronto 

Toronto is home to one of the best transportation services, highly ranked by many. Since it is home to many commuters, a big part of the success is helping workers get both in and out of the area for work.

If you live and work locally, you can rely on the subway, streetcar, or buses to get you to where you need to be. If you’re looking to get a little bit further, you can trust the GOTrain to get you out of the city.

These all run frequently and on time. You can even purchase day and week passes for unlimited travel if this is something you’re interested in.

Attractions in Toronto 

Entertainment options in Toronto are vast. First on most people’s list is the great CN tower. Visit for a day to see the view from the Sky Pod, 447 above ground height, or stay for a meal at the famous 360 restaurants.

If art is your thing, stop by one of the many art museums spread around the city. The Royal Ontario Museum features traditional art, or you can check out the Art Gallery of Ontario for some more modern exhibits.

If you enjoy some child-like fun, you can head over to Ripley’s Aquarium to see aquatic animals close up. Or you can visit one of the many parks along the Harbourfront for a day’s picnic with a view.

For the classic dinner and a show, you’ve got endless choices for cutting-edge restaurants that will have you stuffed full. You can check out the Royal Alexandria Theatre in the entertainment district for performance or one of the many others.

Employment Rate in Toronto 

Just around 60% of the Toronto population is currently employed. Compared to other neighbouring regions, this is slightly above the general average.

This is probably due to the growing Toronto job market; with so many opportunities nearby, everyone can find their dream job. Innovate start-ups are on every corner, and new businesses show up each day in the city. If you move here with hopes of landing a job, you are most likely in luck. The finance, business, and real estate job markets are especially booming, but all practices have somewhere to look for a career.

5 Facts About Toronto 

Here are 5 interesting facts about the incredible Toronto if you still don’t know enough.

  1. Toronto citizens speak over 180 languages and dialects – showcasing the multicultural atmosphere that involves everyone.
  2. Toronto is home to the only remaining authentic castle in North America – the one and only Casa Loma.
  3. The legendary Roger’s Centre was the first stadium in the entire world to have an entirely retractable roof.
  4. Approximately 25% of Hollywood movies are actually filmed somewhere in Toronto.
  5. Don’t like the winter? Lucky for you, the Toronto underground Path is the largest continuous underground shopping mall in North America, home to more than 1200 stores.


What part of Toronto interests you most? The best part about the city is the real feeling of inclusiveness – each and every person can find a neighbourhood full of people with a similar background or a shop that reminds them of home, wherever that is. Toronto has the entertainment to keep everyone coming, but the feeling of being a part of the community is what keeps them here.

New pre-construction condos in Toronto are in the works, so don’t miss your chance. Check out the neighbourhoods mentioned to find the one that feels most homey to you.