July 25, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

This research shows that taking photos is beneficial and allows people to become more immersed in an experience. Christopher Payne did a photo project inside the Steinway factory. Are you a "Why Photographer" or a "What Photographer"? The company Beautiful Destinations has an algorithm to predict how many Likes a photo will get on on...

July 22, 2016  • 


Being able to communicate an idea or story is an important part of being a photographer—or a human. It’s our stories that create meaning out of life and all those seemingly random events that occur day in and day out. Our brains constantly try to create significance from what we see.

July 22, 2016  • 

Sunscreen Through August 20 in Calgary

Newzones is presenting its annual summer group show, Sunscreen. Celebrating summer and sunshine, this exhibition keeps the showcased works in constant rotation.

July 22, 2016  • 

G’ddy Up!

In Calgary, Newzones is presenting its annual group show G’ddy Up!, which coincides with the Calgary Stampede. This exhibition showcases artists who explore the West and cowboy culture through photography, painting and sculpture.

July 22, 2016  • 

World Press Photo in Ottawa Through August 17

The winning images of this year’s World Press Photo competition are currently on tour to approximately 100 cities in 45 countries. The exhibition is making its first stop in Canada from July 22 through August 17 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

July 22, 2016  • 

BMFA’s Storytelling Festival Photo Contest

From August 1 through 22, Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts (BMFA) is accepting submissions from Ontario residents for its Storytelling Festival photo contest, Six Words.

July 21, 2016  • 

The Visionary Photographer

The Abbotsford Photo Arts Club’s 39th Annual Seminar is October 22 in Burnaby, B.C. Speakers Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou will present an all-day seminar on photographic creativity and artistic discovery.

July 21, 2016  • 

Camera Test: Pentax K-1

The K-1 is the first full-frame-sensor digital SLR produced by Pentax. The 36-MP camera performed very well in our tests and has a lot of features, including image stabilizer, GPS, Wi-Fi and more.

July 21, 2016  • 

Test Review: Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger

When your proposed photo bag raises close to five million dollars through crowdfunding, it’s pretty clear you’re doing something a ton of people are excited about. We’ve heard a lot about the Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

July 21, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Are photographers more lonely than other artists? This is a practical look at where to focus your energy and resources if you're trying to get referrals to your wedding-photography business. What do you think of the idea of peer-sharing photo equipment? Here's a look at another photographer's workflow. Have you considered making a...

July 20, 2016  • 

Dina Goldstein Among Winners in Just for Laughs Visual Arts Contest

Just for Laughs has announced the winners of its International Visual Arts Contest, and three Canadian photographers have been recognized. Dina Goldstein was designated the first-place winner in the Contemporary Art category for her series Gods of Suburbia.

July 19, 2016  • 

CLiC Photo Show and Sale Through August 7

CLiC Photo Show and Sale will be presenting the this year's winning images at Books and Co. Visitors may vote for an artist to receive the People's Choice Award, which will be announced on August 7.

July 18, 2016  • 

Cool Gadget: Beholder DS1 Gimbal

Most of the popular gimbals are very large and require two hands to operate properly. That’s why I was excited to test the Beholder DS1, a small 3-Axis gimbal designed to be used with one hand.

July 14, 2016  • 

Sigma’s New sd Quattro Camera and EF-630 Wireless TTL Flash

Sigma Canada is pleased to announce the Sigma sd Quattro new high-image-quality digital camera that incorporates the Foveon X3 direct image sensor and the Sigma EF-630 TTL flash for Nikon, Canon and Sigma cameras.

July 12, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Do you use the Golden Ratio in your shooting? Here are six tips on storytelling. Chase Jarvis has given some advice to new grads of photography programs. Brexit and photography. Actor Tom Hardy will play war photographer Don McCullin in upcoming film.