July 18, 2016  • 

Cool Gadget: Beholder DS1 Gimbal

Most of the popular gimbals are very large and require two hands to operate properly. That’s why I was excited to test the Beholder DS1, a small 3-Axis gimbal designed to be used with one hand.

July 14, 2016  • 

Sigma’s New sd Quattro Camera and EF-630 Wireless TTL Flash

Sigma Canada is pleased to announce the Sigma sd Quattro new high-image-quality digital camera that incorporates the Foveon X3 direct image sensor and the Sigma EF-630 TTL flash for Nikon, Canon and Sigma cameras.

July 12, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Do you use the Golden Ratio in your shooting? Here are six tips on storytelling. Chase Jarvis has given some advice to new grads of photography programs. Brexit and photography. Actor Tom Hardy will play war photographer Don McCullin in upcoming film.

July 8, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Here is some wisdom we can learn from Bill Cunningham's approach to life. (And this article and this one look at his work Photographers reveal their biggest mistakes. What's your take on sharing photos on Facebook or elsewhere? Are you curious to watch someone else's process in Lightroom? This one is in real time. Well, that's a...

July 5, 2016  • 

On Reflection

Paul Haresign Williams’ On Reflection is being presented at ViewPoint Gallery in Halifax from July 7 through 31. This series explores the ephemeral nature of reflections and the views they offer us.

July 4, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Here is John Kurdewan's behind-the-scenes look at fashion photographer Bill Cunnigham's work. EyeFi's early WiFi memory cards now have an "End of Life" date of September 16, 2016. Here's what's in White House photographer Pete Souza's bag. Oliver Curtis photographs what's on the other side of famous sites. Is all street...

June 28, 2016  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Do you work for free? Did you hear about Hasselblad's new medium-format camera? Here are 5 things to know before you start a photography business. Did you see this article on the role of photography in suggesting guilt or innocence? Before you submit to photo contests, make sure you know the presenting organization and you read all...

June 23, 2016  • 

Test Review: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II offers a very fast AF system, professional handling, and a massive and robust body. It can also be used as as a high-end 4K film camera.

June 23, 2016  • 

Sony World Photography Awards Now Open

The Sony World Photography Awards are now in their 10th year! Scott Gray, CEO of World Photography Organisation, said, “We are extremely proud to reach our 10th anniversary. Since launching in 2007 it has grown consistently in both size and credibility."

June 23, 2016  • 

Ted Grant Answers Our Questions

You might have noticed that we recently added a new feature to Photo Life where we interview prominent photographers and then share their wisdom and stories with you. In the April/May issue, we interviewed Donald Weber, and in the June/July issue, it's Ted Grant’s turn.

June 22, 2016  • 

New Perspectives of Canadian Landscapes

Through August 26, Arts Commons in Calgary is presenting New Perspectives of Canadian Landscapes in the Windows Galleries. This is a joint exhibition between photographer Philip Kanwisher and painter Donna Miller.

June 20, 2016  • 

Cool Gadget: Kelly Moore Bags

As new parents and daily gear-haulers, my wife, Evelyn, and I know our way around bags, especially camera bags. With over 10 years of experience working, living and breathing photo-retail, we have seen them all. It's rare when a new bag gets us excited, so we were pleasantly surprised when Kelly Moore did just that.

June 17, 2016  • 

Our Interview With Nadya Kwandibens

Our June/July issue includes Laurence Butet-Roch’s great interview with Nadya Kwandibens, an Anishinaabe photographer working to portray the strength and vibrancy of her people.

June 16, 2016  • 

Beetles in Focus at the Canadian Museum of Nature

The photo exhibition Beetles in Focus is on view in Ottawa at the Canadian Museum of Nature until November 30. Showcasing these insects at 400 times their actual size, these images reveal the uniqueness of their dramatic colours, textures and features.

June 13, 2016  • 

Worldwide WOW Photo Contest

The winners of by CPC Elevate’s Worldwide WOW Photo Contest were recently announced. Congratulations to Philip Kanwischer (1st place Pro), Robert Postma (2nd place Pro), Denis Gadbois (3rd place Pro), Robert Ganz (1st place Amateur), Stuart Foster (2nd place Amateur) and Patryk Pulawski (3rd place Amateur).