March 29, 2019  • 

Review: Nikon Z 6

With the Z 6, Nikon is embracing a strategy that’s worked extremely well for Sony: two flagship cameras sharing the same technology and design, targeting two different audiences. A classic in the making?

March 29, 2019  • 

The Inaugural Issue of Photo Life Lab: The Gear Issue

We're happy to share that we've launched a new photo magazine: Photo Life Lab! It's a special-edition series that allows us to delve deep into a particular subject and focus a whole issue on it—something that's a little harder to do in a traditional magazine format.

March 29, 2019  • 

Our April/May 2019 Issue!

We’re thrilled to share the excellent articles of the April/May issue with you! Michael Ernest Sweet covers eight reasons to attend photo events; Ingrid Forster talks with Brjánn Batista Bettencourt about analog photography, the revival of Ektachrome, and the magic of slide film; and much more!

March 28, 2019  • 

Minna Keene & Violet Keene Perinchief | Two Generations of Photography

Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto is presenting Minna Keene & Violet Keene Perinchief: Two Generations of Photography through April 20. Minna Keene and her daughter, Violet, were both internationally recognized photographers of the early 19th century.

March 21, 2019  • 

The World We Live In VIII: Our Jury

We're thrilled to announce our jury for the eighth edition of our The World We Live In photo contest. In addition to Brand Image Director Harry Tsantarolakis from La Maison Simons, the jury includes Guy Langevin, the editor in chief of Photo Life and Photo Solution, and three professionals from the photography industry—Dave Brosha, Dina...

March 20, 2019  • 

Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs of Dave Heath

Through September 2, the National Gallery of Canada’s Canadian Photography Institute is featuring Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs of David Heath, a travelling exhibition focuses on his interest in the human condition, his mastery of the photographic print, and his expert use of photographic sequencing and series.

March 19, 2019  • 

Matador Camera Base Layer

Most of the time I prefer carrying my camera in my regular backpack. To protect it a bit without adding too much bulk, I’d been covering it in a fleece toque since I hadn’t found a minimal solution that I liked better…until Matador.

March 15, 2019  • 

12 Tips for Submitting to Photo Contests

Have your friends and family been telling you that you should enter a photo contest? Did you read our post on why you should enter The World We Live In photo contest this year and decide to give it a try? Or have you been eagerly planning to participate since last year? Wherever you are in your process, we have 12 tips to help you prepare to...

March 14, 2019  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Here are some photo-related links on everything from the winner of the Hasselblad Award for Photography to the role a daguerrotype of a little girl played in the abolitionist movement.

March 13, 2019  • 

How to Resize Photos

With the deadline of our annual photo contest soon approaching, we've been receiving a lot of questions about to how to resize images to 1200 pixels wide, while making sure the file is below 1 MB. We figured we would share this step-by-step process here, since a number of you might have the same question.

March 11, 2019  • 

Why You Should Enter The World We Live In by March 24

Our 8th edition of The World We Live In photo contest is open through March 24, 2019. This year is a collaboration with La Maison Simons, and the theme is Celebrate Life. If you haven't yet submitted, we wanted to share some reasons why The World We Live In is such great opportunity for Canadian and U.S. photographers of all levels!