June 1, 2018  • 

In the Studio with Notman

As part of its Artist-in-Residence program launched in 2012, the McCord Museum is presenting In the Studio with Notman, an exhibition by photographer Marisa Portolese, from May 25, 2018, to February 10, 2019.

May 31, 2018  • 

5 Interesting Reads

From June until August, the Resilience Project is featuring the photographs, paintings, and multimedia work of 50 Indigenous female artists on 167 billboards across Canada. NASA's TESS spacecraft takes photos, and here's the first one. Are you looking for a monitor for photo editing? Here are some things you might not know about...

May 29, 2018  • 

Piece Work

From June 2 through July 14, Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto is featuring Sara Angelucci’s Piece Work. This photography, audio, video and sculptural installation project focuses on Coppley Apparel in Hamilton.

May 25, 2018  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Nova Scotia is considering what to do about the Annie Leibovitz collection. Here's an interview with Edward Burtynsky. How do you attract an audience to an exhibition? What does it mean to look at photographs of suffering? This article reflects on the role of printing—and those who do it.

May 24, 2018  • 

Fujifilm’s New X-T100

The new X-T100 offers a host of features including a high magnification electronic viewfinder, horizontal tilting rear LCD screen, built-in Bluetooth technology for quick and easy image sharing and an extended battery life.

May 21, 2018  • 

Laurent Guérin’s Auto Portraits

Through June 30, Laurent Guérin's Auto Portraits will be on view at Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto. This series focuses on women in transit, and the Montreal photographer's background in fashion photographer shines through in his beautiful approach.

May 18, 2018  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Ninety-seven-year-old landscape and portrait photographer Thelma Pepper is receiving the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. Edward Burtynsky revealed a preview of his new project, Anthropocene, at Photo London. Did you know your Instagram hashtags helped Facebook AI get better at photo recognition? Well, times have certainly changed....

May 17, 2018  • 

Panasonic Canada Announces the Waterproof LUMIX DCTS7

Panasonic Canada announced the LUMIX DCTS7, a compact point-and-shoot camera equipped with 20.4-megapixels, a 28-mm wide-angle, 4.6x zoom lens, and a rugged design.

May 4, 2018  • 

Edward Burtynsky’s Witness at Art Gallery of Hamilton

Through May 21, the Art Gallery of Hamilton is presenting Edward Burtynsky's Witness. The artist offered 76 images to the museum as a gift, and this exhibition celebrates the donation. Burtynsky's large-format images highlight the environmental impact of global manufacturing, the oil industry, marble quarries, salt pans and more.

May 2, 2018  • 

5 Interesting Reads

Here's another story of copyright infringers having no remorse. Fakery is common in wildlife photography. Can art actually make a difference in society? LensCulture interviewed Giulia Ticozzi, photo editor of Italy's newspaper La Repubblica, about building a deeper narrative. "Ottawa’s Charlie Beddoe watched D-Day unfold on...

April 30, 2018  • 

Worldwide Pinhole Day

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was April 26 and photographers all over the world were invited to make a pinhole photograph on that day to celebrate lens-less photography.