Pre-Construction Condos in Vaughan: The Best Guide For Buyers

The city of Vaughan currently has a population of over 306,000 residents. With a high-end lifestyle and entertainment options to keep everyone lively, this city is a popular place for new homebuyers to search out places to live.

Before purchasing any new home, you should do extensive research of the city to understand exactly what it has to offer to you and what your new life there would look like. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled this list of information to brief you on the city of Vaughan and the living opportunities within.

New pre-construction condos in Vaughan are on the rise and are becoming more available. Take a look at the following facts about Vaughan, including information about home prices, job opportunities, and entertainment, and then see what new condo opportunities are available to you.

Stay until the end to read the most interesting facts about the city of Vaughan.

Best Neighborhoods for Pre-Construction Condos in Vaughan

Home to nearly a dozen separate neighbourhoods, each with their own ambience and benefits, Vaughan has some neighbourhoods that stand out above all others. Here are five of the most popular new condo neighbourhoods in Vaughan:

East Woodbridge

At the top of the list, we have East Woodbridge, a lovely neighbourhood loved by new families and residents. East Woodbridge is one of the most beloved neighbourhoods in Vaughan for many reasons.

East Woodbridge has a variety of land types, from detached homes to mansions on large plots of land. The vegetation in the area gives a green feel to the neighbourhood and allows for a relaxing lifestyle for all residents. If you are a lover of the outdoors, East Woodbridge might be for you, and you’ll never be bored with the greenery so close to home.

Sonoma Heights

On the west side of Vaughan falls Sonoma Heights, which is another sought-after neighbourhood enjoyed by citizens. Sonoma Heights has a great sense of community and is ideal for new families who enjoy the outdoor parks it has to offer and conservation areas.

This picturesque neighbourhood has great recreation value and opportunities for everyone to enjoy what it has to offer.

Columbus Trail

This area is known for having a wide range of opportunities and cultures immersed into one. Columbus Trail has homes varying from standalone homes to semi-detached, offering homes to many types of families.

Columbus Trail is nearby the world-renown Canada’s Wonderland, giving a great option for a weekend getaway for kids and young adults of all ages. The real estate is also very favourable, making it reasonable for new home buyers to find starter homes.

Weston Downs

Weston Downs is a professional area filled with busy young adults who are working towards big career goals. This area is still being built up and features many new-build homes and entertainment options for residents, which will also see many new opportunities in the near future.

The well-maintained community is a safe environment and has plenty of shopping malls and restaurants. The Weston Downs neighbourhood also ranks among the highest of the Vaughan neighbourhoods by residents themselves, showing how well-loved it is by Vaughan residents.


Kleinburg is the top city in Vaughan for those who like a home get-away from the noise of the city. Detached from the rest of the commotion, Kleinburg is quiet and elegant, appealing to those who like their own space when spending time at home.

Filled with restaurants, bars, and galleries, you can enjoy the small-town feel of the neighbourhood. The outdoor area is packed with hiking trails, conservation areas, and even spots for cross country skiing.

Average Price of Pre-Construction Condos in Vaughan

Home prices in Vaughan are based on the neighbourhood, as most city prices go. Some see higher prices are the neighbourhoods increase in luxury and prestige.

East Woodbridge, for example, values homes on the higher side, where they can be priced anywhere from $500,000 to $2.5 million. Sonoma Heights is similar to this, with the houses varying from about $780,000 to $1.3 million.

These are the average prices of condos in Vaughan over the few last years:

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Transportation in Vaughan

The city of Vaughan relies on York Regional Transit for commuters moving both inside the city and to other neighbouring towns. The YRT provides buses throughout York Region that is affordable and frequently run, so you can even rely on them for work. Many residents in Vaughan commute to work and the YRT was designed for just that.

The GoTrain can be taken down to Toronto if you chose to work or spend time there as well. A simple bus trip will get you to a train station, making it an easy, short commute. The GoTrain can connect you to cities across nearly all of Ontario.

Entertainment in Vaughan

Pre-Construction Condo Entertainment in Vaughan

Vaughan entertainment is available for all ages and types of people. The outdoor adventures are endless, and the many parks nearby give great opportunities for hikes and biking.

There are also endless indoor activities such as the Vaughan Mills mall, which is a worldwide attraction that victors seek to attend nearly every day of the year. Plenty of large stores can be found in this outlet mall that offers great prices and a place to spend an entire day.

Other attractions you might be interested in include checking out fitness activities such as the Vaughan Sportplex or Bubble Soccer. These are great ways to have fun and be active while spending time with friends.

Possibly the most famous option is Canada’s Wonderland. Located inside Vaughan, you can check out this giant amusement park packed with roller coasters, fairs, and food options for all to enjoy. People from all across the world come to visit, but for you, it’ll only be a short walk away.

Employment rate in Vaughan

Vaughan has many jobs to offer citizens and the central job hub of Toronto is not far either. The city itself has an unemployment rate of only 3.7%, which is much lower than both the Ontario and Canada-wide rates.

For job opportunities, you can check out either the city jobs or careers within the busier downtown area of Vaughan. Jobs for all experience levels can be found throughout the city, including part-time jobs for students of all ages. The busy city is perfect for newcomers looking for a new job in a good company.

A New Condo in Vaughan, is it worth it?

In all, Vaughan is a great place for new families to start building a life or for young professionals to settle down. The city has great career opportunities and is only a short distance away from entertainment attractions and work opportunities in neighbouring cities.

Vaughan has something to offer for everyone, and the city has vast entertainment options while balancing a prosperous work environment. Every newcomer can be sure to find a job nearby or with a reasonable commute that they’ll enjoy.

Be sure to check out the new pre-construction condos in Vaughan. What neighbourhood best suits your interests and lifestyle?