Some people may be wondering who we are and what we are doing. At Photo Life, we are a group of passionate photography and product enthusiasts who have teamed up to provide the best information to help you find the right products in Canada for you. We want to empower people with knowledge, not just tell you which product is best- our goal is to educate.

We won’t write about any products that receive less than an 80% approval rating on our evaluation form.

Why We’re Different

  • Our team at Photo Life is based fully Canadian, that’s a fact!
  • We don’t charge a single dime for users to read our articles. That means no subscriptions and no advertisements whatsoever for readers.
  • Hours are spent researching the products we write about, from mattresses to gas ranges.
  • No 3rd party companies have any influence over Photo Life editorials. Rest assured, we’re unbiased and independent as a website.