2014 Sony World Photography Awards Open for Entries

 •  June 6

© Christian Aslund, Sweden, 1st Place, Campaign, Professional Competition, 2013. The World Photography Organisation has announced that the 2014...

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Think Tank Photo’s “About a Photograph” Free Video Series

 •  June 4

Think Tank Photo's "About a Photograph" Free Video Series Santa Rosa, Calif. – Think Tank Photo has launched “About a Photograph,” a free video...

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Behind the Image With Benjamin Von Wong

 •  May 29

Our June/July issue highlights the exciting work of Montreal-based photographer and creative director Benjamin Von Wong. These fascinating...

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Why Space Photography?

 •  May 27

This article and the 6-and-a-half minute PBS video above show some amazing space photography and discuss how and why the images were taken.

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 •  March 13

Okay, so I'll start by saying that watching the above video from this article about the photography of astronaut Don Pettit was a meaningful...

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Interview with Steve McCurry

 •  March 4

The video above is the first of a five-part interview with Steve McCurry conducted by fashion photographer Scott Schuman, the Sartorialist. For...

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Photography and The Avengers

 •  February 25

The video above and this article on PetaPixel show how photography was used to do the CGI of the New York scenes in the film The Avengers.

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Arthur Miller’s The Misfits

 •  January 28

In the video here on Vimeo that was highlighted in this PetaPixel article, Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt talks about a photo he took of the...

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New Lowepro Brand Video

 •  January 24

If this doesn't inspire you to grab your camera bag, go out and shoot some action, nothing will.

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Steve McCurry and Kodachrome

 •  January 16

Photographer Steve McCurry asked Kodak for the last roll of Kodachrome, and they gave it to him. This video documents McCurry's six-week personal...

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