Women in Photography

 •  July 10

Jill Greenberg recently gave a Ted Talk on women in photography. Her initiative Alreadymade showcases a group of extremely experienced, talented...

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Legacies 150: A Diverse Look at Canada’s Shared Journey

 •  June 30

Legacies 150 is a new National Film Board of Canada series of interactive photo and illustration essays reflecting on legacy and inheritance a...

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Lowepro Announces Updates to the Photo Hatchback AW II Series and More

 •  February 25

Lowepro has announced an update to its award-winning photo and lifestyle backpack with the Photo Hatchback AW II series. Lightweight and flexible,...

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Nikon Behind the Scenes: A New Perspective on Bird Photography

 •  November 17

Nikon has made a new video in its Nikon Behind the Scenes: Going Wild With Ron Magill series with tips on bird photography.

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Nikon Behind The Scenes: Get Closer with Macro Lenses

 •  October 13

Pro photographer Ron Magill shares tips on getting close-ups with macro lenses in Nikon's new video, Nikon Behind the Scenes: Get Closer With...

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Portable Light Shaping with the Profoto B2

 •  October 8

Check out this video from Profoto to watch photographer Finn Beales use the Profoto B2 on assignment. The B2 kit fits in a small bag, and the B2 is...

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Nikon Behind the Scenes: Animal Portraits with Ron Magill

 •  September 24

Nikon has made a new video with tips on how to get portraits of animals.

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Why Renee Robyn Does Photography

 •  September 22

SmugMug has done a great video on Canadian photographer Renee Robyn. To learn more about her work, check out our interview with her in the...

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Nikon Behind the Scenes: Animals in Action

 •  September 10

Nikon has made a new video with advice on how to capture animals in action.

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Peak Design One-Handed Lens-Change System Announced

 •  August 31

Peak Design has announced the CaptureLENS and Lens Kit, a camera lens carry-and-quick-change system available exclusively through Peak Design's...

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