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Dark Side of the Moon

 •  August 30

Lewis M. Rutherfurd’s Moon is an albumen silver print that the pioneering astrophotographer produced in 1865 by attaching his photographic...

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Profoto Unveils Online Education With Profoto Academy

 •  October 25

Profoto Academy is a series of online video courses designed to educate and inspire the talented photographers who might be at the beginning of their...

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8 Last-Minute Things to Do Before a Photo Contest

 •  November 22

So you want to submit your images to The World We Live In, but you haven't quite gotten around to it? Or maybe you started but haven't quite finished...

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Shouldn’t all cameras provide a TIFF capture-mode option?

 •  April 28

A friend owns the Nikon D810, and he told me that it has a special feature: a TIFF capture mode. This sounds ideal, since JPEGs do not provide ideal...

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How can I avoid too-bright windows in indoor photos?

 •  April 21

Q&A: I am shooting interior photos of our cathedral, and sometimes, the interior is quite dark but the stained glass windows are extremely bright....

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Is a lens hood really essential?

 •  April 7

Q&A: I noticed that some photographers are using lenses with a hood or shade but one of lenses did not come with such an accessory and I lost the...

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Pro- versus consumer-grade telephoto?

 •  March 22

In a previous Q&A, you recommended renting an expensive lens such as the Nikon AF-S 200-400 mm f/4 ED VR II that sells for about $8000. But now,...

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What is the value of the Raw+JPEG combination?

 •  March 11

My DSLR allows me to shoot in Raw or JPEG format, but it also offers a Raw+JPEG combination. I have been using only the Raw option; why would someone...

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The Nikon D810 or D750?

 •  February 25

Now that I'm ready to upgrade from my full-frame Nikon D700, I need to decide whether to go with the ultra-high resolution D810 or the newer, faster,...

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How do I prevent condensation on my camera in winter?

 •  February 11

The last time I was out doing photography in -20 °C weather on our country property, my camera and lens were suddenly coated in condensation when I...

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