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Sebastião Salgado

 •  March 10

This inspiring video shows a TED talk by Sebastião Salgado, an exceptional documentary photojournalist who takes a long-term approach to his...

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Photo Essay: Vagrant American White Pelican

 •  January 30

by Deric Perry © Deric Perry While out looking for a photo with a friend driving into Glen Ross on Sunday, December 8, in the afternoon we...

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Photo Essay: Intimate Experience With Nature

 •  November 29

by joSon © joSon Time and again as we struggle to express our innermost emotions, the all-too-human languages we’ve learned to depend on...

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The World We Live In: Have you entered yet?

 •  October 29

There's less than a month left to enter our annual photo contest The World We Live In. We are looking forward to seeing your images! And we also know...

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Photo Essay: The Canadian

 •  October 1

by Jeff Friesen © Jeff Friesen There’s plenty of magic left to find in a country big enough to hide mountain ranges. Considering Canada is...

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Genesis—An Interview with Sebastião Salgado

 •  July 22

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Alaska. USA. 2009. / © Sebastião Salgado / Courtesy of Amazonas images This summer we had the opportunity...

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Photo 101: The Importance of the Foreground

 •  July 17

Photo 101 is a regular article in Photo Life magazine that offers creative ideas, tips and techniques to improve your photography. We’ve...

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Sigma USB Dock

 •  June 6

Our June/July edition's Gadget Guide features the Sigma USB Dock on page 54. Please note that it is only compatible with the new Art,...

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Behind the Image With Benjamin Von Wong

 •  May 29

Our June/July issue highlights the exciting work of Montreal-based photographer and creative director Benjamin Von Wong. These fascinating...

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Photo Essay: 100 Years 100 Faces of the Stampede

 •  May 24

by Jeff Cruz 100 Years 100 Faces of the Stampede was a ten-day journey in the summer of 2012 to find 100 interesting faces on the Calgary Stampede...

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