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The World We Live In VII: 5th-Prize Series

 •  March 29

This year, we introduced a new Series category into our annual The World We Live In photo contest. We featured a selection of images from each...

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Happy Holidays!

 •  December 23

All of us here at Photo Life would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and new year full of enjoyable photo experiences. After a break for...

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Movies for Shutterbugs!

 •  December 20

It's cold outside, so we thought we'd share some photo-themed movies for those days when you want to stay instead and watch a film. If you have other...

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Have You Filled Out Our Survey Yet?

 •  December 18

You know how turning 40 makes you think about how far you’ve come and what else you want to do in your life? Well, Photo Life is turning 40 in...

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Barrie Wentzell: The Stories Behind the Images

 •  November 25

In our December/January issue, Joyce Singer-D'Aprile profiled photographer Barrie Wentzell. Wentzell has spent his career photographing the biggest...

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Free Issue Just for You!

 •  September 11

You read the blog and follow us on Facebook or Twitter, but you've never read an issue of Photo Life magazine? Or perhaps you were travelling this...

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The World We Live In IV: Winners’ Gallery

 •  April 9

We are pleased to announce the winners of our biggest annual photo contest, The World We Live In. Open to photographers from Canada and the U.S., the...

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FAQ: A Different Perspective—Erratum

 •  April 8

Please note that there was an error in the chart shown in the "FAQ: A Different Perspective" article on page 48 of the April/May 2015 issue. In the...

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Have You Seen the World? Share Your Best Travel Anecdote!

 •  March 23

Those who have traveled—and this includes going to exotic and remote places as well as visiting a nearby city—have an anecdote to share....

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Photo Life Student Award 2015 Portfolio

 •  January 30

The first recipient of the Photo Life Student Award, Brandon Brookbank is a 22-year-old photographic artist born in Halifax, N.S. Brookbank was...

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