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Influence of Early Photography on Painting

 •  December 6

© Van Gogh Museum The Economist recently had an interesting article on the influence that early photography had on painting.

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Retouching, Body Image, and Software

 •  December 5

Thanks to some "before retouching" and "after retouching" photos that have surfaced on the internet in recent years, it's pretty clear that many of...

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Upcoming Opportunities

 •  December 1

Calgary's 2012 Projects grant applications are due December 2. Funding is available for projects that will take place between April 1, 2012, and...

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Long-Exposure Photos

 •  November 30

© Wes Whaley Check out some impressive long-exposure photos taken by Wes Whaley.

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Ars Technica Looks at the iPhone 4S

 •  November 24

© Chris Foresman/Ars Technica Ars Technica recently investigated whether the iPhone 4S could replace a "real" digital camera. Check out their...

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Google Photography Prize

 •  November 21

Google has announced its new, worldwide photography contest open to students in higher education, 18 years or older. Students can submit up to eight...

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Long-Exposure Photography

 •  October 31

Full Throttle !!!!! © FrankBa Incredible long-exposure photo by FrankBa!

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Toy Photography: Star Wars

 •  October 21

The Steps of a Walker © Avanaut/Vesa Lehtimäki Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki has taken some amazing photos of Star Wars Lego action...

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Bob Gruen, Rock Photographer

 •  October 19

© Bob Gruen The New York Times recently had an article on Bob Gruen, a photographer who has spent years photographing bands and musicians. In...

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The 365 day project of Julian from Calgary

 •  October 17

© Julian Bialowas The 365 day project of Julian from Calgary. Where he posted one of his photos every day, for an entire year. "I'm a...

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