CONTACT Festival


The Set, 2012 from the series The Continuous Still.

 •  May 24

Throughout her work, Manchot examines the formats and meanings of portraiture, as well as the conflicts that may exist in its relationship to issues...

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After the Storm, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2008.

 •  May 23

Not wanting to speak on behalf of the people he photographs, Goldberg invites his subjects to participate in the making of his work. Presented on...

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Corner of the Courageous, Repatriation Ceremony for Sergeant Martin Goudreault, Grenville St., Toronto, Ontario, June 9th, 2010, 2012

 •  May 18

Part of the series Repatriation, this large-scale photographic mural in MOCCA’s courtyard considers notions of nationalism, public duty,...

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Blossom Restaurant, 103 Bowery, New York City, October 24, 1935

 •  May 16

Berenice Abbott: Photographs features four distinct and significant aspects of the photographer’s long and productive career, which all too often...

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Untitled, 2009

 •  May 15

Elkaim is an Toronto based documentary photographer who found his way to the profession after pursuing an education in Film and Cultural...

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Nikon Day at 2012 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

 •  May 15

Nikon has announced that Wednesday, May 16, will be Nikon Day at Toronto's Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. Mississauga, ON, May 1, 2012 -...

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Suzy Lake as Francoise Sullivan, 1975/2012

 •  May 14

Suzy Lake has had a long exhibition career internationally. In the early 1970s, she was one of a pioneering group of artists to adopt performance,...

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Porthole 1, 2011

 •  May 9

April Hickox’s long-standing relationship with photography, as memory and landscape, observation and memento, strongly informs her new...

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Family photo albums, 2012

 •  May 7

Max Dean: Album takes up one of the most ubiquitous forms of photography in the 20th century: the family photo album. During May, Toronto artist Max...

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Yonge Street: Stollery’s and Sunrise Records, South-West Corner of Bloor Street, 2007

 •  May 4

MacCallum’s photographs contribute to this ongoing examination of urban form. Shot from 2007 to 2011, they set up a direct comparison between two...

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