Picture Change


Picture Change: Paul Fletcher

 •  November 5

© Paul Fletcher Pakistani boy amongst the earthquake ruins of his home I was donating my photography skills to document PLAN International’s...

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Picture Change: Robert Semeniuk

 •  October 29

© Robert Semeniuk Wazir Hammond, age 9, rests against a wall of sandbags that protects the Orthopaedic Centre, Wazir Hospital, Kabul,...

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Picture Change: Steve Russell

 •  October 22

© Steve Russell After a session with a prosthetic technician at Sunnybrooke Hospital, Lewis Wheelan sits on a hospital bed with his prosthetic...

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Picture Change: Marc-Andre Pauze

 •  October 15

© Marc-Andre Pauze Addressing Her Lost Child … And Her Own Lost Childhood Rosalyne Mathias, 60, crushed by emotions, hugs the tree that...

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Picture Change: Kim Stallknecht

 •  October 8

© Kim Stallknecht Madelyn  Hadikin, affectionately known as ‘Madygirl’ by her close knit family,  has cerebral palsy with a seizure...

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Picture Change: Ken Faught

 •  October 1

© Ken Faught These women became the brave faces following a series of Toronto Star stories that shed light on the secrecy surrounding the patient...

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Picture Change: Jo-Anne McArthur

 •  September 24

© Jo-Anne McArthur Tens of thousands of long-tailed macaques live in research laboratories around the globe, but where do they come from?...

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Picture Change: Jenna Hauck

 •  September 17

© Jenna Hauck On Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009, when The Chilliwack Progress published a story with a photo on its front page of Emily Blondeau and her...

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Picture Change: Hugh Wesley

 •  September 10

© Hugh Wesley This picture of Anne is from a 2006 calendar featuring residents living at the Claremont Retirement Residence in Toronto. The...

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Picture Change: François Pesant

 •  September 3

© François Pesant When she walked in the exhibition Climate Refugees by photographer François Pesant on a cold winter day in 2010, Sonia...

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