Compositing to Create Panoramas

 •  November 12

My photography has changed since starting the Independent Digital Photography program at Seneca College. I’m learning about the profession and...

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12 Tips for Submitting to The World We Live In Photo Contest

 •  October 28

Whether you are just starting to ponder entering The World We Live In photo contest or you are in the process of editing your final images, these 12...

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How to Meter in Hazy Conditions

 •  October 22

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to travel with a small group of friends to a remote area in Alaska to photograph the coastal brown bears...

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Street Photography Has No Clothes

 •  September 29

Street photography has become such an ambiguous umbrella term in the photography world that it really lacks any meaning at all. One of the greatest...

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Photo Essay: At the Corner of Hope and Kenilworth

 •  September 25

The corner of Hope and Kenilworth Avenues is a tough area in the middle of a gritty part of the city of Hamilton, Ont., and it was this corner that...

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Why Renee Robyn Does Photography

 •  September 22

SmugMug has done a great video on Canadian photographer Renee Robyn. To learn more about her work, check out our interview with her in the...

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Making Photographs & Magic

 •  July 29

When I see clever posts on Facebook or the blogs of other photographers, defining what is and is not a photographer, and who does and doesn’t get...

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Book Review: Wild Life

 •  June 5

Attempting what others might have deemed impossible, photographer Brad Wilson has created a series of close-up studio portraits of wild animals....

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Book Review: The Instagram Book

 •  May 21

If you want to be inspired, check out The Instagram Book. The editors have done an excellent job of curating compelling, exciting work from the...

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Seneca Grad Show 2015

 •  March 26

Presented at the Dylan Ellis Gallery, in Toronto, the 2015 Grad show is a compilation of the best images from graduates of Seneca College’s...

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