•  July 22

Being able to communicate an idea or story is an important part of being a photographer—or a human. It’s our stories that create meaning out of...

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Book Review: Dickey Chapelle Under Fire

 •  March 8

In 1941, Georgette "Dickey" Chapelle began her career as a war correspondant. She was one of the best of her generation—and one of the few women. A...

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To Resolve or Not to Resolve

 •  January 5

So it's 2016, and we've got a blank slate of a year before us. The end of a year always makes me get reflective and evaluate my life. I'm a bit...

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Barrie Wentzell: The Stories Behind the Images

 •  November 25

In our December/January issue, Joyce Singer-D'Aprile profiled photographer Barrie Wentzell. Wentzell has spent his career photographing the biggest...

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Compositing to Create Panoramas

 •  November 12

My photography has changed since starting the Independent Digital Photography program at Seneca College. I’m learning about the profession and...

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12 Tips for Submitting to The World We Live In Photo Contest

 •  October 28

Whether you are just starting to ponder entering The World We Live In photo contest or you are in the process of editing your final images, these 12...

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How to Meter in Hazy Conditions

 •  October 22

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to travel with a small group of friends to a remote area in Alaska to photograph the coastal brown bears...

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Street Photography Has No Clothes

 •  September 29

Street photography has become such an ambiguous umbrella term in the photography world that it really lacks any meaning at all. One of the greatest...

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Photo Essay: At the Corner of Hope and Kenilworth

 •  September 25

The corner of Hope and Kenilworth Avenues is a tough area in the middle of a gritty part of the city of Hamilton, Ont., and it was this corner that...

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Why Renee Robyn Does Photography

 •  September 22

SmugMug has done a great video on Canadian photographer Renee Robyn. To learn more about her work, check out our interview with her in the...

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