Our Interview With Laura Letinsky

 •  September 27

Our October/November issue includes our interview with Laura Letinsky, a Canadian photographer who uses still-life photography to explore complex...

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The Power and the Speed

 •  September 26

As you might have heard, the Profoto D2 just came out. And in our October/November issue, we have a five-page, in-depth review by Patrick La Roque....

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5 Ways to Get Ready for The World We Live In Photo Contest

 •  September 23

Are you considering submitting your images to our biggest annual photo contest, The World We Live In? Even if you've never entered a photo contest in...

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Louie Palu’s Photography on View in Toronto

 •  September 7

Louie Palu's Cage Call 25 is on view at the Alliance Française Toronto in the Galerie Pierre Léon until October 1. This retrospective looks at...

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More Than a Rising Star

 •  August 23

You've probably heard about Shayne Laverdière's work over the last few years. His quick ascension to the top calibre of photographers might have...

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Getting Published: Straight Talk and Practical Advice

 •  August 9

Would you love to publish a book of your photographs but don't know where to start? If so, we've got just the article for you in our August/September...

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 •  July 22

Being able to communicate an idea or story is an important part of being a photographer—or a human. It’s our stories that create meaning out of...

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Book Review: Dickey Chapelle Under Fire

 •  March 8

In 1941, Georgette "Dickey" Chapelle began her career as a war correspondant. She was one of the best of her generation—and one of the few women. A...

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To Resolve or Not to Resolve

 •  January 5

So it's 2016, and we've got a blank slate of a year before us. The end of a year always makes me get reflective and evaluate my life. I'm a bit...

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Barrie Wentzell: The Stories Behind the Images

 •  November 25

In our December/January issue, Joyce Singer-D'Aprile profiled photographer Barrie Wentzell. Wentzell has spent his career photographing the biggest...

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