Photos of Fireworks Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

 •  August 30

Earlier this month, David Johnson found himself at the International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada. Johnson, being a photographer, wanted to...

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Biker Photographer Bryan Helm

 •  August 29

Canadian photographer Bryan Helm may be the most trusted outsider in the biker community. He doesn’t belong to a crew, but he does take stunning...

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Canadian photographer Chris Buck plays a game of high-profile hide-and-seek

 •  August 28

“Oh, there’s a light on back here. Do you want this?” Robert De Niro asked. Photographer Chris Buck couldn’t see it in his viewfinder, so he...

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Reader Spotlight: Steve Irvine

 •  August 20

"Ceramic Camera — Copper" © Steve Irvine Potter and photographer Steve Irvine has found a unique and beautiful way to combine these two artistic...

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Bryan Adams to release first book of photography

 •  August 17

It’s no secret that Canadian rock icon Bryan Adams is an avid and wildly talented shutterbug. Adams has taken photos of myriad musicians,...

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Canada’s Military Photographers

 •  August 7

Late in 1939, Commissioner Frank Badgley of the Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau prepared a report recommending that the Canadian Army...

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Stunning photo of hot air balloon in Arctic

 •  August 6

Canadian photographer Michelle Valberg is in contention for a National Geographic photo contest’s top prize for her image of a hot-air balloon...

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17th Annual Maximum Exposure 2012: Photographic Festival Best in Show Winners

 •  July 27

by Lindsay Voegelin Gender and the Body The annual graduate exhibition for Ryerson’s School of Image Arts in Toronto is proud to present the...

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Guy Laliberté: Gaia

 •  July 25

© Guy Laliberté Guy Laliberté's gorgeous photos from his trip to space are showcased in an indoor and outdoor touring exhibition called Gaia....

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Photo Essay: Pride and Resilience of the Mam People

 •  May 31

text and photos by Brittany Staddon The Western Highlands of Guatemala are full of the history and culture of the Mam people. For over 20...

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