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Barrie Wentzell: The Stories Behind the Images

 •  November 25

In our December/January issue, Joyce Singer-D'Aprile profiled photographer Barrie Wentzell. Wentzell has spent his career photographing the biggest...

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Making Photographs & Magic

 •  July 29

When I see clever posts on Facebook or the blogs of other photographers, defining what is and is not a photographer, and who does and doesn’t get...

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Have You Seen the World? Share Your Best Travel Anecdote!

 •  March 23

Those who have traveled—and this includes going to exotic and remote places as well as visiting a nearby city—have an anecdote to share....

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Julien Bourbon: Photographing the Present With the Tools of the Past

 •  January 30

In order to get people interested in the little-known technique of collodion photography, about a year ago Julien Bourbon began a portrait project...

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