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Canadian Photographer Takes Offbeat Squirrel Photos

 •  March 26

Canadian photographer Nancy Rose from Nova Scotia has taken some fun photos of squirrels in her backyard. She used miniature props and nuts to...

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Winston Churchill’s Famous Portrait captured by Yousuf Karsh

 •  March 11

© The Estate of Yousuf Karsh (source: FullyM) When this photo of Winston Churchill was on the cover of LIFE magazine in May of 1945, it became...

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Awesome Surreal Photography By Joel Robison

 •  January 7

© Joel Robison (source: smoking designers) Inspired by the love of a great novel, Canadian photographer Joel Robison has created this beautiful...

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 •  November 20

© David Ellingsen Through February 3, the Beaty Biodiversity Museum in Vancouver is presenting David Ellingsen's Sea/Life. These images of ocean...

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Toronto as You’ve Never Seen It Before

 •  October 22

With City Rising Toronto photographer Tom Ryaboi wanted to show people "the city as they have never seen it before — where the boundary between...

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National Gallery of Canada presents first major retrospective of Canadian photographer Margaret Watkins’ work

 •  October 9

(source: The National Gallery of Canada unveiled the first retrospective exhibition of the work of Canadian photographer, Margaret...

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Photogs Launch Darkroom Campaign

 •  September 5

© Jason Lang (Source: The Vancouver Courier) Nearly a year after the city's last public-use darkroom closed, a Vancouver couple new to the city...

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Robbed photographer gets international offers of help

 •  September 4

A robbed Ottawa photographer says his faith in humanity is restored after being flooded with offers of help. Steve Gerecke’s van was stolen...

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5 Must Visit Places In Eastern Canada

 •  August 31

Photographer Kyle McDougall spent 10 days in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia last year photographing the stunning Bay Of Fundy and surrounding area. He...

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Photos of Fireworks Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

 •  August 30

Earlier this month, David Johnson found himself at the International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada. Johnson, being a photographer, wanted to...

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