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The Pinhole Obscura Adapter

 •  December 1

Pinhole caps are a great way to explore light while creating unique photos without the use of a lens. Lately I have found that I sometimes feel like...

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Music Video Made With Samsung NX100

 •  November 9

You’ve seen the “this ad was shot entirely with a (fill-in-the-blank) digital camera” ads, right? Samsung Electronics Co. is raising the stakes...

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Panasonic’s GF2 smaller, 3D-ready

 •  November 5

Panasonic says its Lumix GF2 is 20 percent smaller and seven percent lighter than the GF1, quite a feat since the GF1 is one of the smallest Micro...

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Lomography Launches the Sprocket Rocket Panorama

 •  November 1

The Sprocket Rocket is a compact 35 mm that boasts a super-wide panoramic lens, forward and backward winding for multiple exposures and of...

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The Mighty Cyclops

 •  November 1

I have been looking for accessories to help me improve my composing and focusing abilities when shooting video and stills with my D SLR. LCD screens...

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Big Brollies from Cameron

 •  October 29

If a mere 42-inch umbrella is too puny for your big shoot, check out Cameron’s new Light Control and Light Diffusion series. They are available in...

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Think Tank V2.0 Holsters

 •  October 28

If you like holsters but find that they’re invariably a bit too short for the lens you want to pack, check out Think Tank’s Digital Holster line....

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Sanyo’s PD2BK: video or still cam?

 •  October 27

Is Sanyo's Pocket Movie Dual Camera a still camera that does video or a video camera that takes stills? Sanyo says its Dual Camera moniker means...

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Lensbaby adds Scout with Fisheye

 •  October 13

Lensbaby has introduced a new optics holder called the Scout, which comes with a fisheye lens. Unlike other Lensbaby holders, the Scout cannot be...

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Q3HD Records Audio and Video in HD

 •  October 12

Zoom’s Q3HD Handy Video Recorder isn’t much bigger than a cell phone, but can record 1080p video and high-quality PCM audio. (more…)

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