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Aperture for 80 Bucks!

 •  January 14

If you are a Mac user, you probably know about the launch of the Mac App Store, modelled after the App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad. One of the...

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Another PEN joins the ranks

 •  January 12

And the E-PL2 makes it four. Olympus has rounded out its PEN line with a follow-up to the entry-level E-PL1. The E-PL2 comes with a new silent...

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Olympus Launches X Series Compact

 •  January 7

Olympus has introduced the XZ-1, the first in a new line of ultra-compact, high performance cameras. Among its distinguishing features are a fast...

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Spring is in the air at Fujifilm

 •  January 6

Okay, winter is officially just a few weeks old, but Fujifilm Canada is already talking about its Spring 2011 line. And an extensive one it is — 11...

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Samsung’s SH100 does Wi-Fi

 •  January 4

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.’s SH100 lets you to upload images to your computer, Galaxy smartphone or the Internet via Wi-Fi. (more…)

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BlackRapid Strap System

 •  January 3

Sometimes I find that traditional camera straps can be straining on the neck and shoulders if worn for extended periods of time. When shooting...

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Samsung Unveils NX11, i-Function Lenses

 •  December 29

Samsung’s NX11 is a follow-up to the company’s first Compact System Camera entry, the NX10. Among the enhancements is compatibility with Samsung...

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Fun with 3D

 •  December 23

“C’mere, look at this.” “Ooooh, neat!” That’s a typical interchange when I show someone Fujifilm’s latest 3D camera, the FinePix...

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Can a 1-kg Tripod be any Good?

 •  December 22

Benro makes a series of tripods in its Travelling Angel carbon fibre line. The smallest are the four-section TRCB068 and five-section TRCB069. These...

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Sony a55 SLT Part 1

 •  December 20

Sony’s a55 SLT offers three important benefits of a single lens reflex design: interchangeable lenses, spritely phase-detection autofocus and a...

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