Cool Gadgets


Cool Gadget: KeyMission 80

 •  October 25

At the recent Photokina show in Germany, Nikon surprised everyone by launching neither a new DSLR nor a DL-series enthusiast compact camera. Instead,...

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Cool Gadget: Sigma MC-11 Adapter

 •  September 23

I have a variety of older lenses from Pentax and Nikon that are great fun to shoot on a modern mirrorless camera. Inexpensive mechanical adapters...

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Cool Gadget: Canon Connect Station CS-100

 •  August 12

Many photographers complain that though capturing and processing their images is a pleasure, dealing with the inevitable headaches of file management...

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Cool Gadget: Kelly Moore Bags

 •  June 20

As new parents and daily gear-haulers, my wife, Evelyn, and I know our way around bags, especially camera bags. With over 10 years of experience...

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Cool Gadget: Lumu Light Meter

 •  May 25

Over the last decade, as digital cameras have improved their LCD displays with each generation, the light meter has slowly started to disappear from...

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Cool Gadget: MagMod Flash Modifiers

 •  April 28

Even though I find speedlights extremely convenient, I often find myself using traditional strobes for creative lighting. While I know that I can...

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Cool Gadget: Optex Black TTL Flex Arm

 •  March 21

I'm often thinking of ways to get my flash in a more interesting place than just stuck on the hotshoe over my lens. All the options I've tried were...

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Cool Gadgets: The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional

 •  February 24

It’s amazing to think of how little time it’s taken for drones to go from being an almost unknown niche item to something we hear about nearly...

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Cool Gadget: Ricoh Theta S

 •  January 26

A truly unique camera is something we rarely see these days, yet the original Ricoh Theta is certainly qualified. I was very intrigued by the initial...

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Olympus Body Cap Lenses

 •  December 21

Body caps are not usually considered to be the most exciting things found in a camera bag. But Olympus has found a way to spice things up with their...

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