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The Best Weighted Blankets in Canada

A weighted blanket can be the key to better sleep and relaxation, especially for those with general sleep troubles. Though not everyone can use a weighted blanket, those that can report better, longer sleep because of it. Unsure where to start looking for one? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve put together this list of the best weighted blankets in Canada that are available right now. There’s an option for every sleeper her, so don’t hesitate to try them out!

Best Weighted Blankets in Canada

  • Best Overall: Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket
  • Best Cooling: GhostBed Weighted Blanket
  • Best Options: YnM Weighted Blanket
  • Best Affordable: RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket
  • Best Luxury: Casper Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket Queen Size 15 Pounds for Adults (60 Inx80 In,Dark Grey) with Premium Glass Beads

The Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket gives you a ton of options for different weights, colours, and sizes. There’s an option for everyone, regardless of how large or heavy you need your weighted blanket. It’s very important to choose a weighted blanket that matches your body weight, so having options is extremely important.

The polyester cover is soft and comfortable, but the blanket works best when used with matching duvet covers from Weighted Idea. Either way, you choose to use your weighted blanket, you’ll find that the materials are comfortable. The weight distributes evenly due to the small 5” x 5” pockets that are stitched into the duvet, holding the perfect amount of glass bead fill.

The fill won’t shift around or gather in the corners of the blanket, ensuring that this blanket will last a long time. You’ll be comfortable the whole night thought. It’s also easy to move this blanket with you, so you can rest with it on the couch or while lounging in your favourite chair.

While some weighted blankets gather heat, the glass fill on this blanket helps to reduce heat build-up. It keeps you cool, so even those who sleep warm won’t have issues with becoming overheated under this blanket.

Features of the Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

Many Size and Weight Options

While some weighted blankets only have a few pre-determined options, this Weighted Idea weighted blanket comes in many sizes and weight options. You can choose sizes from twin to full, in weights ranging from 15 pounds to 25 pounds.

Small Pocketed Design

Small 5” x 5” pockets hold fill inside the blanket, keeping the glass bead fill inside evenly distributed. Each pocket holds the same amount of fill, which spreads out evenly to keep you comfortable as you use the blanket.

Strong Corner Loops

There are eight strong corner loops around the edges of the Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket. These loops are double-reinforced to help secure your blanket inside a duvet cover. These loops ensure that the duvet isn’t going to scrunch up inside the cover or break loose.

Duvet Covers Available

This weighted blanket is great on its own, but you can purchase a Weighted Idea duvet cover to keep the blanket clean. These covers easily fit around your weighted blanket, using the strong corner loops to secure the blanket.

What Sets the Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket Apart?

The use of glass bead fill in the Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket helps keep you cooler as you sleep, which reduces some temperature issues associated with weighted blankets. The premium materials are soft and comfortable as you sleep or lounge with your blanket. There are six colour options available to help match your other bedding.

  • Glass bead fill controls heat
  • Premium materials
  • Many colour options

What Could Be Improved?

Though the Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket is made of soft, premium materials, the cover is made of polyester. Polyester is not ideal for weighted blankets with glass bead fill.

  • Polyester cover

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

GhostBed Weighted Blanket

The GhostBed Weighted Blanket takes advantage of GhostBed’s experience in the sleep industry. They’ve used all of their quality materials and expertise in the field to craft a blanket that does everything you’d expect from a weighted blanket – and more.

First, it uses GhostBed’s cooling technologies to help reduce heat build-up beneath the blanket. You want to be comfortable while you sleep, and this weighted blanket does its best to stop you from overheating. If you sleep warm, this is the weighted blanket for you. The combination of a breathable Tencel cover and premium glass bead fill helps to reduce heat and keep you cool all night long.

The GhostBed weighted blanket comes in one size and one weight, but it’s engineered to work for the widest range of sleepers possible. The blanket is 60” x 80” and 15 pounds, so it’s large enough to share. The evenly-distributed 15-pound surface works best for those who weigh about 150 pounds as a general guideline.

The blanket’s quilted design features 192 individually-quilted squares to keep the glass fill distributed evenly across the surface. There shouldn’t be any bunching or bulging here, especially with the premium, reinforced stitch design.

If you want to keep your blanket safe from wear and tear, you can use the duvet loops to secure it within a duvet cover. The universal sizing of this blanket and the sturdy loops along the sides and corners help you further customize your experience and keep using the blanket for years to come.

Features of the GhostBed Weighted Blanket

Cool Tencel Cover

The soft Tencel cover is eco-conscious, but it’s also cool and soft. The materials work to stop heat from building up around you as you sleep. It’s comfortable and skin-friendly as well.

Glass Microbead Fill

Instead of the plastic pellets found in less expensive blankets, GhostBed uses glass microbeads for their weighted blanket. They form to your body better, helping to reduce heat build-up and keeping you comfortable as you sleep or relax.

Quilted and Reinforced

The top of this weighted blanket is quilted with reinforced stitches. Each pocket holds an equal amount of fill, ensuring that the weight of the blanket remains evenly distributed. Plus, there are so many squares that each part of your blanket will be the right weight for you.

Large Enough to Share

The large size of this weighted blanket makes it the perfect size to share. If you’re cuddling up with your spouse or kids, you can all get under this soothing blanket. It’s queen-sized, so you can even share it while you sleep!

Compatible with Duvet Covers

The looks at the sides and corners of the blanket make it compatible with most duvet covers of a similar size. This blanket is 60” x 80”, so there are numerous duvet covers on the market that can fit around it to help protect the material beneath.

What Sets the GhostBed Weighted Blanket Apart?

The GhostBed Weighted Blanket offers a 3-year warranty, which means you are sure to stay comfortable for at least that long. Some weighted blankets can’t offer that, but you know this one will last. It weighs 15 pounds, evenly distributed across the blanket. This is the weight that works best for the widest range of people. Finally, from the glass bead fill to the soft, plush cover, every part of the GhostBed Weighted Blanket is made to the highest standard.

  • 3-year warranty
  • 15 pounds for the widest use
  • Extremely high quality

What Could Be Improved?

While the GhostBed Weighted Blanket provides snuggly, cooling comfort to most,  more size and weight options would be ideal. Some sleepers need different weights for their weighted blanket, so more than one size is preferred.

  • No size or weight options

YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket — Heavy 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton Material with Premium Glass Beads (Dark Grey, 60''x80'' 15lbs), Suit for One Person(~140lb) Use on Queen/King Bed

YnM’s weighted blanket features several unique design choices that help make it one of the best you can find in Canada. First, it’s affordable! While it isn’t the least expensive weighted blanket on our list, it still offers affordable pricing with a ton of great options to help you sleep better. You can choose weights and sizes anywhere from twin or child-sized to 25-pound 80” x 87” blankets. With each size and weight, you have your choice of one of 26 pattern options.

The 7-layer design uses less fill than other weighted blankets might, allowing reduced heat as you use your blanket. Those who overheat often don’t have to worry about it here, because the glass fill inside works to stay cool even when you’re warm. The cover is also breathable, preventing heat from gathering under the blanket.

We love all of the colour options, but we also love that there are options for adults and children. Some companies make you choose between these, but YnM reduces the hassle and offers great patterns, colours, and options.

The stitching is extremely secure on the small quilted squares, which are smaller than the standard. At 4.7” x 4.7”, your fill isn’t going anywhere as you move this blanket around. The fill won’t move from pocket to pocket, meaning your blanket offers the same distribution throughout.

If you want to purchase a duvet cover to improve the lifespan and durability of your blanket, you can purchase several options from YnM. There are several material options, including minky, cotton, and bamboo fabrics to make your blanket even more comfortable.

Features of the YnM Weighted Blanket

Small Compartments for Weight Distribution

Small compartments are stitched into the surface of YnM’s weighted blanket. Each square is 4.7” x 4.7”, allowing for an even distribution of the premium glass bead fill. The beads won’t shift or move from one compartment to the next.

7-Layer Design

The seven-layer design of this weighted blanket is unique. It offers more cushion between you and the beads inside, with less fiberfill than other blankets in this weight class. The result is a blanket that leaks less and cushions without overheating.

Temperature Control

The best part about this blanket’s design is the temperature control features. Without the extra fiberfill, this comfortable blanket doesn’t lock in heat. This is a great option for those who sleep a little warmer since weighted blankets often produce more heat.

Options for Adults and Children

While most of the other blankets on our list only have adult options, this weighted blanket comes in weights and patterns suited for children as well. Twin-sized blankets weighing as little as five pounds can be purchased for your littlest sleepers.

Certified Premium Cotton

The cover of YnM’s Weighted Blanket is made of premium cotton, soft to the touch, and sustainably sourced. The cotton is skin-safe and great for those with sensory issues. It’s also warm and comforting while remaining breathable.

What Sets the YnM Weighted Blanket Apart?

The YnM Weighted Blanket aims to use more glass beads in the fill section and less fiberfill. Where other blankets use the fiberfill to bulk their blankets, YnM uses more glass beads instead. The secure stitching keeps the beads from moving between the compartments, so the weight is always evenly distributed. Any of the blanket sizes and weights can work with several different duvet cover options, including a minky fabric, cotton, and bamboo.

  • Less fiberfill than other blankets
  • Super secure stitching
  • Multiple duvet cover options

What Could Be Improved?

While the YnM Weighted Blanket works best with a duvet cover, it doesn’t come with a duvet cover. However, the price more than makes up for this small improvement.

  • Does not include a duvet cover

RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket

RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket|60x80 inches,15lbs|for Individual Between 140-170 lbs|Premium Cotton Material (Dark Grey)

The RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket is the perfect option for those who want to try a weighted blanket without investing a lot of money. Most weighted blankets in Canada can be a bit pricey, but RelaxBlanket’s options are affordable and comprehensive. There are many sizes and weight options available, so you’re sure to find the blanket that is perfect for you.

There are so many different colour options as well! You can choose some of the most uncommon colours we’ve seen here, including greens, purples, and pinks. If you don’t want to wrap your weighted blanket in a duvet cover, these options are a great way to keep your weighted blanket working well with your décor.

It’s machine washable due to the glass bead fill inside. Spot washing is still recommended for the most part. However, it may give you some peace of mind to know that it can be washed If have to.

The cover on the RelaxBlanket is 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton. This means it passes the highest quality standards. You’ll love the soft, breathable surface of the blanket. You’ll love touching it and cuddling with it. The durable stitching helps keep the fill inside, and the cotton cover on the outside keeps all of it safe.

This weighted blanket is compatible with most duvet covers of the same size. The loops along the sides and corners of the weighted blanket help it stay anchored inside the duvet cover, perfect for those of you who want to keep your blanket feeling better for longer.

Features of the RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket

Machine Washable

Though it’s best to dry clean or spot-clean your RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket, they are machine washable. However, only the smallest blankets should go in the washing machine to avoid damage to the machine and the blanket.

Compatible with Duvet Covers

RelaxBlanket sells several duvet covers you can use with this weighted blanket. Make sure that you’re purchasing the same size cover. Using a cover can protect your weighted blanket and make it easier to wash dirt or small stains away.

Durable Stitching

The durable stitching around the edges and each compartment ensure that the fill stays right where it should. You won’t find glass shards in your home. Further, the fill will stay put. It won’t slide between different compartments and throw the blanket off-balance.

Breathable, Certified Cotton Cover

The breathable cotton cover is 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton. That means it’s breathable and made at the highest possible quality, without harmful chemicals. It’s soft to touch, feels great on your skin, and helps reduce heat build-up.

What Sets the RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket Apart?

The RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket comes in a variety of different sizes, colours, and weight options so that there is a blanket for everyone. Options range from 5 pounds to 30 pounds. There are a lot of unique colours available as well, including pinks, purples, blues, and greens. The glass fill doesn’t have the same odour that you might find in other blankets, making it a joy to use.

  • Other sizes and weights are available
  • Many diverse colour options
  • Odourless glass fill

What Could Be Improved?

Though this RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket is filled with glass microbeads, it does hold onto heat more than some of the other blankets on our list. It might not be a good choice for those who sleep warm.

  • Can get warm

Casper Weighted Blanket

Casper Weighted Blanket

When a sleep company as prestigious as Casper makes a weighted blanket, you know it’ll be the best. The Casper weighted blanket is a luxury option, boasting a comfortable, huggable design that you won’t’ want to get rid of. While some companies only offer a single weight option, Casper goes in the other direction.

There’s only one size for the Casper Weighted Blanket, but there are three different weight options. You can choose a 10-pound blanket, a 15-pound blanket, or a 20-pound blanket. There are also four different soft, beautiful colours to match your space.

The durable construction of the Casper weighted blanket helps keep the fill evenly distributed across the blanket. These small pockets are reinforced and double-stitched, ensuring that no fill can move between pockets. At the same time, the soft, 100% cotton cover helps keep you cool by keeping air flowing.

If you usually worry about too much heat building up while you sleep, this blanket won’t trouble you at all. The cover works together with the glass bead fill, working to keep you comfortable even when you’re a little too warm.

This weighted blanket offers a unique design, but it’s one of the most comfortable weighted blankets on our list. You’ll love to cuddle up under your weighted blanket to relax or sleep.

You can try it for the first 30 nights during a sleep trial. If you don’t like the weighted blanket after trying it for a few days, you can return it free of charge for a full refund.

Features of the Casper Weighted Blanket

Comfortable, Huggable Design

The comfortable, plush design of the Casper Weighted Blanket makes it ideal to snuggle with, whether you’re napping on the couch or sleeping through the night. However you use it, this blanket is softer and more comfortable than other options.

Three Weight Options

Casper makes their weighted blanket available in three weight options. You can purchase the 10 pounds, 15 pounds, or 20-pound version. It’s best to choose a weight that is about 10% of your body weight, so there’s an option for nearly everyone.

Breathable Cotton for Airflow

The breathable, 100% cotton cover promotes airflow. Rather than hold in heat like many weighted blankets, this one actively works to dispel it by circulating air away from your body. Even those who sleep hot shouldn’t have an issue with this weighted blanket.

Durable Construction

The durable construction of the Casper Weighted Blanket includes four layers of cotton, polyester, batting, and glass beads. There are multiple layers of tight stitching to keep it all together, and you can add a duvet cover to further protect your blanket.

30 Night Trial

If you’re unsure about your weighted blanket or want to try one for the first time, Casper offers the perfect opportunity. This mattress offers a 30-night sleep trial. If you don’t like the blanket, you can return it with no hassles.

What Sets the Casper Weighted Blanket Apart?

While some weighted blankets offer very small return windows, the Casper weighted blanket features a full one-year warranty and free returns if something goes wrong. The quilting and unique design work together to keep the glass beads in place, offering a blanket that stays consistent.

  • 1-year warranty and free returns
  • Quilted to keep microbeads in place
  • Unique design compared to other options

What Could Be Improved?

Ultimately, the one place where Casper could improve is with more size and weight options. The three options are good for most, but there are no kid-friendly weighted blankets available here.

  • No size options
  • No options for children

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket for Canadians

A weighted blanket might be able to help you sleep better, but there are a lot of things to consider before making a purchase. Here, we’ll go over some of the best things to look for in a weighted blanket in Canada, and how to choose the perfect one for you.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are more popular than ever. You may be wondering what a weighted blanket is and what the benefits are.

A weighted blanket can weigh as little as 5 pounds or as much as 30. These blankets are quilted using patterns that keep the fill (usually glass, sand, or plastic pellets) evenly distributed across the surface of the blanket.

The purpose of using a heavy blanket is to simulate something known as deep pressure touch. Deep pressure touch, or DPT, helps to reduce anxiety and reduce symptoms in people with sensory issues. This is beneficial for many different conditions, but we’ll discuss the broader benefits below.

Weighted blankets should be purchased based on your body weight, size preference, and your material preference. Choose a material that is soft and comfortable against your skin. It can take a few days to get used to sleeping under a weighted blanket, but it’s worth waiting it out.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can help with a range of sleep and anxiety issues. Studies by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (among others) have shown that weighted blankets and the deep pressure touch they provide can help with issues such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Trouble staying asleep
  • Sensory issues
  • Autism symptoms
  • Poor sleep or mood
  • And more.

While there is no guarantee that a weighted blanket will work for everyone, it can be worth trying one if you suffer from any of these issues. For more in-depth information about how weighted blankets may be able to help you, make sure to consult your healthcare provider.

Choosing the Right Weight

So how do you choose the right weighted blanket for you? You may notice as you shop that there are several different weight options available in Canada. It can be difficult to find the perfect weight option for you. However, use a starting point of about ten percent of your body weight. If this doesn’t work (if it doesn’t help you sleep or it feels too heavy), you should adjust the weight accordingly.

These guidelines work well for most adults, but children must follow a slightly different formula. For children, a weighted blanket should be 10% of their body weight, plus a few points. For adults, ten percent doesn’t have to be adjusted.

For example, a child that weighs about 30 pounds should have a weighted blanket that weighs between 4 and 5 pounds. An adult that weighs 170 pounds should use a weighted blanket between 15 and 17 pounds on average. Remember, for the deep pressure touch to provide benefits, the blanket has to feel at least a bit heavy.

Who is Using the Blanket?

Keep in mind who will be using the blanket. Choosing the right weight is all about body type, but you should consider the age of the person who will be using the blanket most of the time. Regardless of weight, children shouldn’t have a weighted blanket that weighs more than 5 pounds. This increases with age, of course.

Still, you should note that a heavier blanket isn’t always more effective. The blanket that is most effective for you is about 10% of your weight. Adding more weight can be harmful, especially for children or those with certain medical conditions.

Features to Shop For

If you think a weighted blanket might be just what you need to get better nights of sleep, here are some features to keep in mind as you shop.

Type of Cover

The cover materials are what you’ll feel against your skin, so you must choose soft, non-allergenic materials. Cotton is the best option for a cover. It’s breathable, soft, and washes well. Polyester works well for softness, but it’s not advised to use polyester with certain types of fill. It’s easier for the fill to seep out polyester covers, which can leave fill all over your home.

There are other options as well, though they are less common. Satin, fleece, and mink materials are all offered by some companies.

Type of Fill

There are a few types of fill commonly used in weighted blankets. They range in feel, price, and effectiveness, but each works well in its own right.

  • Plastic pellets. Plastic poly-pellets can be noisy, but they add adequate, even weight to a weighted blanket. Since these are new plastic pellets, they aren’t treated with chemicals like other plastics.
  • Glass beads. Glass is an eco-friendly fill option that helps with temperature control. It’s a higher quality option, and the glass inside is so small that it feels more like sand. Because of the nature of glass, these blankets wash best out of these options.
  • Sand. Sand is an affordable fill option but doesn’t wash well. You’ll find the sand filter in some of the least expensive weighted blankets on the market.

All of the blankets on our list use glass beads.

Removable Covers

Removable duvet covers can be used with most weighted blankets. These covers help to keep your blanket safe. Since weighted blankets are filled with glass or plastic beads, you’ll want to make sure they stay intact as long as possible. Putting a cover on your blanket has multiple other benefits. The stitching will stay solid for longer, allowing better distribution of the fill.

Weighted blankets are notoriously difficult to wash. The larger and heavier they get, the more difficult they become. A cover is one of the best ways to keep your weighted blanket clean. Instead of spot-cleaning your weighted blanket, you can remove the cover and wash it when it gets dirty.

Blanket Size

Blanket size is one of the features you should keep an eye on. While some weighted blankets come in a single size (usually a twin or queen-sized throw), others are available in multiple sizes. You can get a small weighted throw, but you can also choose large king-sized weighted blankets.

While it may be tempting to purchase a weighted blanket to cover you and your partner, weighted blankets work best when used by a single person. Especially when you are sleeping, having a personal weighted blanket is more effective. To get the most out of the blanket, choose one that’s just big enough for you to wrap up in on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weighted Blankets in Canada

Can anyone use weighted blankets?

Most people can use weighted blankets. If you have a medical condition, it’s best to ask your doctor before using a weighted blanket.

Can weighted blankets make you hot?

Those who sleep warm may find that weighted blankets keep them even warmer at night. Some weighted blankets are more breathable than others to prevent overheating.

Can you wash a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets can be washed, but it’s more difficult than with a regular blanket. You can’t easily put it in the washing machine, so it’s best to spot clean the blanket. Air-dry it after spot cleaning.

Final Thoughts

A weighted blanket has many benefits that may help you sleep better. While many swear by these benefits, it can be difficult to find a blanket that works for you. Using this guide (and the suggestions on our list), we’re sure that you’ll find the best weighted blanket in Canada to help you feel better throughout the day and night.