Best Places to Live in Ontario

Looking for a place to live in Ontario is easy. Every city offers unique pieces that make it a great place to stay. Whether it’s gorgeous nature or entertainment to keep you on your toes, each town caters to a specific group of people who thrive in the environment.

On the other hand, having so many great options to choose from is actually a bit of a challenge. With each city offering so much, how can you decide where to live? To find out what city is best suited to your interests and lifestyle, stick around.

Here are the five best cities to live in Ontario, based on price, property, and entertainment appeal.

1. Toronto

Based on the location and multicultural inclusivity, Toronto has a place for everyone. Housing more than 2.9 million people, this busy city is loved by many.

Toronto as a city is filled with job and house opportunities. The job market is busy and features an option for every industry. With an established transportation system, every commute is made easy.

The entertainment within the city is vast and adaptive. If you love nature, there are unique places to hike just outside. If you are a foodie, you can enjoy all the mom-and-pop shops catering their homemade recipes. If you have a family, you’ll love the local parks and libraries.

Although pricy, the city is popular among all ages. Houses and condos here tend to sell for about $1.1 million. The affordable homes may be smaller than other cities, but the adventurous outdoors make up for it. What are you doing inside when the view is out there, anyway?

Some attractions to enjoy include the CN tower, the giant Eaton center mall, and visiting the gorgeous Centre Island to see the skyline from afar.

Toronto has something to offer everyone.

2. Ottawa

The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is a populated area full of opportunity. With a total population of nearly 1 million, this city is always booming. The business and the innovative sector is a vast industry and keeps the area full of hard-working professionals.

The house prices in Ottawa differ by area but tend to be affordable and worth the land you pay for. Houses typically sell for about $750,000. Apartments in the city are available as well as rural homes in plots of land. Some areas are busier and others calmer, but each with their own attractions and not far from others.

Entertainment opportunities in Ottawa are endless. Even in the smallest area of the city, the opportunities to explore are more prevalent than ever. Festivals throughout the year and activities for every weather will keep you entertained.

If you can persist through the cold winter months, Ottawa is an excellent place. The snowfall months, however, may be some of the prettiest.

Some entertainment options to check out when living in Ottawa are the 7.8-kilometre-long Rideau Canal or Parliament Hill. The city is full of exciting day trips for all ages and individuals.

3. Kingston

Kingston is not too big and not too small. Kingston is a great medium option compared to the other cities mentioned here. With a population of 135,000, Kingston features different parts of the city for every liking.

Downtown Kingston is busy with business and career opportunities. The transit system makes it easy to get around, and cycling paths have been evolved for environmentally friendly commutes.

The housing market is also one of the most affordable in Ontario. With most houses sitting around the price of $490,000, you can find a home or condo that suits your needs.

The city itself is a thriving scene full of restaurants, parks, and historical sites to visit and learn about. As you get further away from the busy core, you can see the lake and take a boat out to enjoy a sunny day.

After moving to Kingston, be sure to check out attractions like the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

4. Waterloo

For those of us who don’t want to live right in the downtown core, Waterloo is a significant exception that will still give you excellent opportunities. With a population of over 580,000, this city is an excellent medium between busier cities and more calm rural areas.

Waterloo is great for families and professionals looking for career opportunities. The tech hub of Ontario, Waterloo, features some of the most outstanding companies to land a long-term job at in the technology industry.

The houses are much more affordable than in other parts of Ontario as well, selling this year at around $759,000. Compared to the Toronto market, you can get more property for a better price. For students and adults alike, the environment allows you to prosper.

Waterloo is also not overcrowded and includes part of the city being outside of the core area. Whether you are looking for a city apartment or a rural home, the options are there. Whatever your choice, the high-class transit system will be sure to help you out.

Don’t forget to check out the local conservatories and many art museums in Waterloo after moving in.

5. Burlington

Burlington is a smaller city located along the lake. With a different feel than Ontario’s other major cities, this small town is a calmer feeling.

Burlington is a city that has something to offer every type of individual. With activities for families and bachelors, everyone can find something to love about the area.

The area has affordable houses ranging around about $1.1 million for a home with lots of property. Close to the lake as well, you have a getaway spot at the tip of your fingertips. The job market is booming thanks to the local companies, and the unemployment rate is relatively low. If you’re moving in with hopes of landing a job, you may be in luck.

There are also includes many amenities that appeal to all age groups. Check out the local parks, nightclubs, cultural events, or gigantic shopping malls.

Burlington is a new city starting to make trends outside of the major cities. Join this smaller population to see what it can offer!

Check out these Ontario cities to find the one that fits you best. With gorgeous lakefronts and busy towns, each one has a unique offer.