Best Places to Live in Alberta

Alberta, a province located in Western Canada, is home to more than 4.3 million people.

Alberta is full of greenery of all sorts, featuring eye-catching valleys, mountains, and prairies. Home to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, this preserved province boasts its natural beauty for all to see. Not one of the busiest cities today, Alberta is a quieter place for enjoying the outdoors and serenity.

If you’re looking for a place to move, you might have too many options to choose from. Each city within Alberta offers something unique while still encompassing the overall appearance.

To see what city best suits you, take a look at the comparisons we have laid out for you here. We compare the housing prices, amenities, and career opportunities, as well as extras like transportation.

Here are the best places to live in Alberta.

1. Lacombe

Lacombe is a county within Alberta with a population of just over 13,000. Ranked the 5th best place to live in Canada by, Lacombe differs from urban living but is equally fulfilling.

You can find homes across Lacombe for prices sitting around $390,000. Standalone homes, townhouses and condos alike are all widely available. The benefit of the rural area is larger land sizes in comparison to more urbanized cities. Houses here tend to have long driveways and large yards, everything typical of the natural rural Alberta scene.

Job opportunities are not scarce within the city. However, if you are looking for greater opportunities, bigger neighbouring cities have even more job options that are not a long commute away. Most citizens rely on a car for movement, as the transportation system is smaller than others.

Amenities in Lacombe rely mostly on nature’s pristine beauty. Lacombe has an endless supply of parks, hiking trails, and family-run restaurants to enjoy. You might not find the buzz of a big city, but you’ll feel the comfort of the small town.

2. Canmore

The town of Canmore features a small population of nearly 14,000. Home to many outdoor adventure spots, Canmore is known to be for the adventurous.

The homes in Canmore are typically priced at around $1.1 million, slightly higher than other cities within Alberta. For this price, you can find a house with rural property and your own space to enjoy. Luckily, many of these come with a nice view if you find the right area to buy.

Canmore offers a resource centre to help with the career hunt. The many adventure spots offer jobs to run the tourism industry, giving plenty of options to find jobs close to home.

The transportation in Canmore is somewhat limited since most people own cars. The city has well-outlined walking and biking trails to support the active lifestyle of most residents.

Amenities in Canmore are not short of breathtaking. There are three major ski hills, hiking trails, cycling, and climbing opportunities steps away from your doorstep. If you’re looking for a more widespread adventure, you can take a trip out to the nearby Banff to the well-known skiing and skating adventures.

3. Calgary

The largest city in Alberta, Calgary is home to many of the best national sites. With a population of more than 1.3 million citizens, this is as busy as the province gets.

The cost of living tends to be low in Calgary. Properties are selling for about $488,000. Much cheaper than other Canadian cities, this populated city still offers a busy downtown core. For this price, you can afford a standalone home in a safe neighbourhood.

Calgary is also a central city for job opportunities. The low cost of living and great job market gives residents an affordable lifestyle with low taxes. The core of the city is filled with businesses and oil industries adding to the job market. The reliable transportation system is also a plus, making it easy to move to and from.

Entertainment in Calgary gives the busy city feel. Streets lined with restaurants, festivals, and shopping makes for an easy night out. Different from the rural feel of the rest of Alberta, Calgary might be a busy-bodies getaway.

4. Red Deer

Red Deer municipality is one of the larger Alberta areas, home to more than 103,000 inhabitants.

House prices in Red Deer sell typically around the $350,000 mark. Homes near the lakefront are available for a more luxury price, and smaller apartments within the city are available at lower values as well. For all ages and incomes, there is something to enjoy.

The job market in Red Deer is also booming. The area is known to offer careers in health care, construction, mining and oil for many of its citizens. These diverse opportunities make it easy to work without much of a commute.

With major routes to other cities, this busy intersecting area makes it easy to travel. The transportation system is reliable for inter-city movement as well as outer.

Entertainment within the town is also reliant on the beautiful outdoors. Parks and nature trails tend to be the most popular with the ability to be enjoyed all year long.

5. Camrose

Camrose has a population of more than 18,000 people, putting it on the smaller side of Albertan cities. Not far from other major cities, this rural retreat gives you your own space to relax while still being close to the action.

Camrose houses are currently selling for around $349,000. These homes sell with large properties and nearby necessary amenities like stores and schools.

Jobs in Camrose are limited due to the smaller population, but if you’re willing to take a commute, Edmonton is not far. Many citizens rely on the transit system to get to work, including buses and trains.

On the amenities side, Camrose offers outdoor retreats to enjoy. Theatres and lakes are popular among residents, along with small restaurants boasting homemade recipes.


Alberta’s natural scene is a getaway for its residents. Enjoy the outdoors and see everything the province has to offer in one of these beautiful cities. Each area offers its own benefits and traits, but one of them is sure to suit you.