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Sara Cwynar Intertwines Photography With Commercial Imagery

 •  May 29

Sara Cwynar adopts and manipulates the conventions of advertising to create visually seductive images. By adapting work from book advertisements...

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Zineb Sedira Takes an Environmental Stance Through Art

 •  May 20

Zineb Sedira captures a hauntingly beautiful vessel in his public installation: The Death of a Journey V, drawing attention to the politics of...

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Annu Palakunnathu Matthew Explores the Dynamics of the Family Photograph

 •  May 15

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew views the family photograph as an object surrounded by emotional and psychological energy. It's a base point to explore...

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Maximum Exposure

 •  May 30

Ryerson’s School of Image Arts proudly presents Maximum Exposure. Now in its 19th year, the exhibition showcases the talents of emerging...

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Six Characters in Search of a Photograph

 •  May 29

Titled Six Characters In Search of a Photograph, after Luigi Pirandello’s famous play Six Characters In Search of an Author, a play that blurs...

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78/46: Platinum-Palladium Prints

 •  May 28

78/46 comprises a series of Zabol’s platinum-palladium prints: a traditional process that requires coating platinum and palladium metals on to...

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Through The Body: Lens-Based Works by Contemporary Chinese Women Artists

 •  May 27

Over the past three decades, Chinese contemporary art has had a profound impact on the international art world. Yet, outside of China, this impact...

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The Way It Looks: Abstraction and Representation

 •  May 26

Amis captures the shifting beauty of the urban environment in his work. The images in this exhibition represent everyday calm moments, when the...

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Threshold: Portraying Dramatic Narratives

 •  May 25

Continuing her work with transitional spaces, Toronto-based photographer O’Connor embarks on a new series exploring her idea of a threshold, a...

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KWE: the Complicated and Fertile Relationship Between Indigeneity, Art, and Colonization

 •  May 24

WE delves into the complicated and fertile relationship between Indigeneity, art, and colonization. Kwe is the Anishinaabe word for woman and is a...

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