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Is it better to use the Clarity tool vs. the Sharpen tool in Lightroom?

 •  July 15

Apparently the Clarity slider feature is better than the Sharpen tool for creating high sharpness. What is your advice about this tool?

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Is it worth buying a 15-mm or 16-mm lens for a full-frame DSLR?

 •  June 25

Now that I finally own a full-frame DSLR, I wonder if I should buy a lens with a 15-mm or 16-mm focal length. My current zoom can go as wide as 24...

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Is it really possible to get good-quality big prints from JPEGs?

 •  June 15

Occasionally, I want huge prints such as 40 x 60 inches, and I found an online lab that is reputed to provide excellent results. Surprisingly, they...

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Will it be difficult to move my photos to the newer Lightroom CC ?

 •  May 28

My current imaging software is Lightroom 5, but Adobe offers the newer Lightroom CC on its Creative Cloud. If I switch to that, will it be difficult...

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What is an uncomplicated way of making High Dynamic Range images?

 •  April 30

My camera does not have an HDR mode, but I would love to try this type of imaging with another technique. Can you describe how I would make HDR...

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Should I be willing to pay more for a printer with very high resolution?

 •  April 15

I’m in the market for a new inkjet photo printer and noticed that some of the new 13 x 19-inch models have very high resolutions, such as 5760 dpi....

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Can you recommend lens-rental companies in Canada?

 •  March 31

I often see ads for a lens rental company in Tennessee that stocks pro-calibre lenses. Can you recommend some reputable lens rental companies on this...

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Is the Nikon D810A suitable only for astrophotography?

 •  March 16

Nikon's website says that the D810A is not recommended for general photography because the images will have a reddish tint, but would that be easy to...

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Would I get better image quality with an 18-200 mm lens?

 •  February 27

My husband got me an EOS Rebel SL-1 with an EF-S 18-55 mm and an EF-S 55-250 mm zoom for Christmas, but I think I need to buy a sharper lens. A...

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How much faster will my camera be with a UHS-II memory card?

 •  February 16

The new SanDisk UHS-II SD cards sound perfect because it's super fast. How much faster would my Nikon D5300 be with the UHS-II card?

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