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Shouldn’t all cameras provide a TIFF capture-mode option?

 •  April 28

A friend owns the Nikon D810, and he told me that it has a special feature: a TIFF capture mode. This sounds ideal, since JPEGs do not provide ideal...

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How can I avoid too-bright windows in indoor photos?

 •  April 21

Q&A: I am shooting interior photos of our cathedral, and sometimes, the interior is quite dark but the stained glass windows are extremely bright....

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Is a lens hood really essential?

 •  April 7

Q&A: I noticed that some photographers are using lenses with a hood or shade but one of lenses did not come with such an accessory and I lost the...

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Pro- versus consumer-grade telephoto?

 •  March 22

In a previous Q&A, you recommended renting an expensive lens such as the Nikon AF-S 200-400 mm f/4 ED VR II that sells for about $8000. But now,...

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What is the value of the Raw+JPEG combination?

 •  March 11

My DSLR allows me to shoot in Raw or JPEG format, but it also offers a Raw+JPEG combination. I have been using only the Raw option; why would someone...

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The Nikon D810 or D750?

 •  February 25

Now that I'm ready to upgrade from my full-frame Nikon D700, I need to decide whether to go with the ultra-high resolution D810 or the newer, faster,...

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How do I prevent condensation on my camera in winter?

 •  February 11

The last time I was out doing photography in -20 °C weather on our country property, my camera and lens were suddenly coated in condensation when I...

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How “weather-sealed” is a “weather-sealed” camera?

 •  January 27

Now that an increasing number of cameras and lenses are "weather-sealed" (such as my Sony a7 and Sony 70-200 f/4), is it still a good idea to use a...

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Is distorted perspective “weird” or “dynamic”?

 •  January 18

During my next trip, I will be taking a lot of photos of buildings. When I have done so in the past, the perspective was weird. How can I get...

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How can I fix distorted perspective in my photos with software?

 •  December 21

When I take photos of buildings, the perspective is often "off." The building is leaning backwards, or sometimes the perspective is even worse and...

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