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Cool Gadget: Sekonic L-858D-U Light Meter

 •  April 27

As a hybrid photo/video shooter with a love of external lighting, a light meter is a tool that usually finds its way into my gear bag. A light meter...

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PhotoRepublik 4X4 Filter Holder Kit

 •  March 23

When shooting landscapes, a drop-in filter set is always in my bag. The PhotoRepublik 4X4 Filter Kit takes the frustration out of putting a kit...

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Cool Gadget: Cokin Riviera Classic Tripod

 •  February 21

Camera design right now is in a very interesting period, with many manufacturers looking back for inspiration. It’s great that designers are...

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Cool Gadget: Mint Instantflex TL70

 •  January 25

I’ve been pining for a digital twin-lens reflex for some time, so I decided to try out the new instant-film version available from Mint Cameras....

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Cool Gadget: OrangeMonkie Foldio360 and Foldio2

 •  December 20

One type of photography I’ve found myself shooting much more often than I expected is product photography. I’ve been looking for a simple option...

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Cool Gadget: Heat 3 Smart Gloves

 •  November 28

There is only one thing I can count on every winter, and that is a number of bitterly cold shooting days. I had never found any gloves that work...

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Cool Gadget: KeyMission 80

 •  October 25

At the recent Photokina show in Germany, Nikon surprised everyone by launching neither a new DSLR nor a DL-series enthusiast compact camera. Instead,...

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Cool Gadget: Canon Connect Station CS-100

 •  August 12

Many photographers complain that though capturing and processing their images is a pleasure, dealing with the inevitable headaches of file management...

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Cool Gadget: Beholder DS1 Gimbal

 •  July 18

Most of the popular gimbals are very large and require two hands to operate properly. That’s why I was excited to test the Beholder DS1, a small...

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Cool Gadget: Kelly Moore Bags

 •  June 20

As new parents and daily gear-haulers, my wife, Evelyn, and I know our way around bags, especially camera bags. With over 10 years of experience...

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