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Trudeau Image Still ‘Cool’ 40 Years Later

 •  September 15

By Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press OTTAWA - "Quentin Tarantino stole this from us."Ten years after his death, and more than four decades after it...

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Future of Screen Technology

 •  September 14

This is the result of TAT's Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens,...

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Pentax Optio NB1000

 •  September 13

The new Pentax Optio NB1000. Available in Japan only.

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Photographers Rights Gray Card Set

 •  August 31

PetaPixel annonces that they are now shipping their Photographers Rights Gray Cards to Canada. This white balance card set allows you to wear your...

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Hurricane Earl is Gathering Some Serious Strength

 •  August 31

Amazing image from astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock. «It is incredible what a difference a day makes when you’re dealing with this force of nature....

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Race-Car Papercraft

 •  August 30

Nice idea from Epson Japan to promote their printers. Here, you can download the instructions to build paper models of the Epson Nakajima Racing Team...

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Vintage Gadgets & Technology

 •  August 27

Retro thing is an independent vintage gadget website run by a team based in Calgary and Chicago. They’ve got a great section on cameras and optics.

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SepiaTown – From Here to Then

 •  August 26

SepiaTown is a website that lets you search, view, and upload historical images by location. Looking North up Yonge Street from Queen Street -...

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 •  August 25

Nice project by Justin Colt. «Photographed with various 35 and 120 mm cameras, East/West is a linear journey across the country. Gritty and...

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Beautiful Pinhole Cameras

 •  August 23

Erin Paysse created engrained in 2009 in Seattle with the goal of creating beautiful, unique objects. She builds beautiful pinhole cameras. See here...

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