Posts by: Colin Tyler


The Pinhole Obscura Adapter

 •  December 1

Pinhole caps are a great way to explore light while creating unique photos without the use of a lens. Lately I have found that I sometimes feel like...

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The Mighty Cyclops

 •  November 1

I have been looking for accessories to help me improve my composing and focusing abilities when shooting video and stills with my D SLR. LCD screens...

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Impossible Project’s First Flush PX 100 Instant Film

 •  September 1

Instant film for Polaroid cameras is making a comeback thanks to a company called The Impossible Project. I was really curious why instant film was...

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The Mod Cap Saver

 •  July 27

I often find it a struggle to keep track of my lens caps when I am busy shooting. Whenever I lose a lens cap, I always promise to myself that I will...

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