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Fotography for Phun

 •  January 8

By creating a challenge, with restrictions, we were able to keep the task fun. The reward should be obvious in this case! Someone...

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Three Christmas Wishes

 •  December 25

Today is December 25th, and in the Christian calendar it is Christmas Day. Since I was born into a Christian family—I really had no say in the...

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So You Want to Go Into Business? Calculating Cost

 •  December 18

For most photographers, the 20 percent of time spent working with a camera is therapy for the grind work of managing their business. In our...

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So You Want to Go in Business—Are you Ready?

 •  December 11

The ladder of success is often proportionate to the effort made when not standing behind a camera. I was sitting in the waiting area at the...

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So You Want to Go Into Business?

 •  December 4

Navigating the labyrinth of roads involved in any business will be a nightmare for the aspiring professional photographer. You will be well served by...

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Should You Work For Free?

 •  November 27

According to some editors and potential clients, you should work for free. The reality is "free" means it will cost you. It was an interesting...

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Douglas Kirkland: A Life in Pictures

 •  November 20

A Life in Pictures: The Douglas Kirkland Monograph by Douglas Kirkland, © 2013, published by Glitterati Incorporated The great Canadian radio...

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Meta Strippers

 •  November 13

Watermarks are much like locked doors; they are for honest people. The bigger the lock, the harder it is to break. You have read the Terms and...

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Social Media – Users Beware

 •  November 6

The devil could be in the details. We are well served by reading and understanding the terms and conditions. According to a September, 2013 report...

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Photographers Augment Musicians’ Income

 •  October 30

Should photographers augment musicians income? According to the Canadian Imaging Trade Association, in a report dated October 2012, there was an...

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